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  • Campaign planning and optimisation
  • market analysis in the context of your business
  • Assistance with registration and account configuration
  •  analysis of results
  • translation of descriptions
  •  taking care of the appearance of your auctions

eMAG – undoubtedly one of the largest marketplaces in Romania




eMAG is the largest marketplace in Romania. Its history is quite interesting, as it all started with a small online shop offering computers and office products. Over time, the shop expanded its offering. Thanks to this, among other things, you can now also buy books, household appliances and cosmetics on this platform. As of 2019, groceries are also on offer.
What does a visit to the eMAG website look like? You need to know that it is visited more than 44 million times in a month. And more importantly, according to the statistics, it records almost 50% growth year-on-year.

Does eMAG only operate on the Romanian market?
Yes, the eMAG platform is most popular in Romania. However, this is not the only field of activity of this platform. For some years, it has also been active on the Hungarian and Bulgarian markets, where visitors do not disappoint either. For 2020, it is estimated that there are more than 36 million users in these markets.

Marketplace eMAG – expand your business abroad



As eMAG has opened up access to know-how and tools to increase sales volumes, maintain customer satisfaction and manage logistics operations you can enjoy the opportunity to expand your business in foreign markets. The ability to implement a variety of programmes, providing consumers with greater flexibility in ordering are among the many advantages of this solution. The benefits flow not only to eMAG’s customers, but also to you as a retailer. You have the opportunity to reach new customers and to promote your products through eMAG marketing campaigns.

Use 100% of the possibilities offered by the eMAG marketplace – with Ecomart it will be real.
Reaching more and more consumers is every retailer’s dream. After all, an increase in visitors means an increase in sales and therefore profits. For this to happen, however, everything has to work together. Unfortunately, it is not easy to operate a shop and various sales platforms with full commitment without neglecting something. Very often, a lack of time or poor organisation takes its toll on customers. And this leads to the fact that, even though they have shopped with you once, they have no desire to come back and take advantage of your offer. This is not only a failure to take proper care of establishing a closer relationship with your customers, but also a neglect of your finances. As an online retailer, you are well aware that it is much easier and cheaper to keep a customer who has already shopped with you than to look for a new one.
How to take care of your customers? Choose the invaluable help of Ecomart
That is why it is worth using specialists to take care of every aspect of customer service – from the impeccable appearance of the auction to the delivery of the order to the indicated address. Ecomart is a company that offers a range of services which can have a positive impact not only on sales, but also on customer feedback on your shop. Which specific areas can we help you with? We are happy to undertake:

  • setting up and configuring your account on eMAG, as well as comprehensive support;
  • listing auctions;
  • translating descriptions and adapting them to the platform standards; running advertising campaigns;
  • marketing;
  • product storage services.
What will you gain by choosing to work with us?
First of all, we will make sure that the descriptions of the products you want to offer your potential customers not only comply with the rules of the platform, but also that they encourage action. The auctions will be aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. This will ensure that the visitor will have all the necessary information about the product in an accessible way. We are well aware that you can put up auctions on your own, but it is time-consuming, especially with a large number of products, as well as the desire to maintain individual descriptions. That’s why you should take advantage of our help.
In order to increase the visibility of your products on the eMAG platform, if you wish, we will prepare advertising campaigns and help you reach more potential customers. Taking care of advertising and marketing is also the key to success. However, it is not enough just to open doors. It is necessary to identify the market, analyze the competition and choose the right target group. We will take care of all this for you.



We invite you to use our services – with us it will be easier to optimize the work of the entire team




We have already been operating on the e-commerce market for many years. Thanks to this, we can boast of a staff that has a lot of experience and the right approach to the assigned duties. Our knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive services at the highest level. We always take care of the best results and complete achievement of the set goals.
We also do not forget that you are our client, so we take great care in preparing all kinds of statistics and their analysis. Thanks to this, you not only know what number of potential customers visit the auctions on display, but also how often they contact the consultants, return to view the item. And as a result, how many finalize the transaction. Statistics also allow you to find possible problems in the processing of orders. Their analysis, however, is laborious and demanding. And for those who do not have the right knowledge, it can be an insurmountable topic. What’s worse, you can harm yourself in this way instead of helping. That is why we invite you to take advantage of our offer. We are sure you will be satisfied.

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The long-term success of a company cannot be based only on good products. Reliability, tradition, innovation and a satisfied customer also count.

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