Allegro debuts in Czech Republic – showcase your products in new market
Allegro is undoubtedly one of the most popular sales platforms in our market. Encouraged by its successes in other countries, it has finally made its debut in the Czech Republic as well. Allegro.cz is a platform that has been fully tailored to the Czech market. This does not mean, however, that as a seller you will have difficulty listing your products. While indeed, by using the Allegro.cz platform you gain access to a new market, at the same time you have the comfort of using tools and features that you as a seller are very familiar with. A huge convenience is the fact that in order to use Allegro.cz you don’t even have to create a new account. You will do everything in your company profile on Allegro.cz. The newly opened Czech portal gives you the opportunity to reach more than 10 million new customers. Want to know how to take advantage of such opportunities? We will be happy to help you with that.



Allegro.cz – what is it?



What is Allegro.cz? This is a new foreign service owned by Allegro that allows you to showcase your products on the Czech market. Integration with Allegro.cz will allow you to quickly and efficiently expand the group of customers you would like to reach by offering them your product range. Interestingly, the platform gives you the possibility to automatically translate your offers and convert prices into another currency. Thanks to such capabilities, you have a chance to present both new and previously listed offers, on the newly opened Allegro.cz site.



The potential of the Czech e-commerce market



Is the Czech market worthy of interest? We’d be happy to mention some statistics from 2021, which show that, like almost the rest of the world, the Czech e-commerce market also has great potential. In the aforementioned 2021, online sales amounted to 8.6 billion euros. Sales compared to 2020 were up as much as 14%. The population of this beautiful country is about 10.51 million, more than half of whom have bought at least one product online. As you can see, the potential is really impressive, so it’s worth taking advantage of the opportunities Allegro gives you.

Allegro increases international reach
On May 9, 2023, Allegro.cz was launched. Until recently, it was only possible to offer products to Polish customers through this platform, which is well-known in our home market. However, the world is changing, and with them the opportunities. If you want to expand your offerings, you can make the necessary changes in the settings that will allow you to display your listings on the Czech Allegro site as well. As we have already mentioned, you do not need to create a new account for this purpose. You can arrange everything from your information panel. On the surface, it seems that it is nothing difficult. It is enough that the listing meets a few basic conditions and can be visible on Allegro.cz. What are these conditions? The offer must be issued by a verified company account. The product must be offered with a “Buy Now” status. In addition, it cannot be a B2B or charity offer. On the surface, it all seems extremely simple. However, is it really so?


Listing on Allegro.cz and reaching the maximum number of buyers – how to do it?



Internet sales are growing exceptionally fast. To some extent, this is undoubtedly due to consumers, whose expectations are growing year by year. Contrary to what you might think, it is not easy. Especially if your business is growing and you are constantly looking for new platforms and opportunities to present your products. The online customer is very demanding. He pays attention to product descriptions, price, shipping cost and time, payment and delivery methods. On top of that, you need to properly pack the items you sell, generate letters and forward the parcels to the courier company. And we haven’t yet mentioned a word about advertising and marketing. That’s why, it’s advisable to use the help of companies such as ours. We offer comprehensive assistance in running an account on Allegro. We take care of listing auctions, preparing descriptions and translations. Our skills in advertising may also strongly surprise you.

Reach more potential customers by working with us
For many years we have been engaged in presenting offers and maintaining accounts on Allegro. However, this is not our only task in many cases. Often sellers think they have reached the glass ceiling in online sales and rest on their laurels. But what if we told you that this might turn out to be just the beginning? Lack of advertising makes your offers look identical to those presented by your competitors. They don’t stand out in anything, and thus get lost somewhere in the convoluted alleys of Allegro categories. If you want, we can help you promote your sales listings. Our experience and our knowledge will make you steadily improve your sales results on the Allegro platform. All activities will be agreed with you. You will have access to any analysis and results we manage to gather. We will do everything to show you how much more you can gain.
Summary – Allegro.cz a new source of potential customers

As we have already mentioned, Allegro.cz is an interesting site with potential for online business development. Your offer combined with our knowledge and experience in running Allegro accounts and marketing skills is the way to success. We encourage you to take advantage of our services and to keep growing.

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