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We know how much impact on business development has a properly designed and positioned website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is in Poland often synonymous with positioning. Optimization is one of the key processes of proper SEO. Trust our specialists and start your way to achieve TOP10 position in the most popular search engines with us.
What is a good website or a good online store?

Websites and SEO is a pretty big topic to cover. There are thousands of books and courses written on web design. So, here are four basic principles of what makes a good website that you should keep in mind before redesigning/launching:

  1. Target
    Great design starts with a goal. Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish with this page?” If the page doesn’t have a clear purpose, consider getting rid of it.
  2. Esthetics
    If your site looks like it was built in the 1990s, it’s time for an update.
  3. Essence and original content
    Your website should show content that is relevant to your target market and original. Plagiarism is illegal and penalized by Google. Besides, it’s better to be a first-rate version of yourself than a second-rate version of someone else.
  4. Clear website navigation
    Every page on your site should be within three clicks of every other page on your site. Navigation should be intuitive and simple. This helps both Google for SEO and visitors to navigate.
  5. Your audience
    Do you know your audience, your customers? Do you know your business and what you bring to this world? Why would anyone come to your site and do business with you? It’s not just because you think you have a great product – it’s no longer works. “Set up a website and the customers will come by themselves?” No, I don’t think so.If you want to be successful, you need to know your audience. You need to discover everything about them. Sure you can figure out what they want, but is that the same thing they really need? Does your product or service just offer a solution to a problem, or does it really make your customer’s life better? Are you selling a drill or a hole in the wall?Your story must be right. It must align with what people want and need. This means you should look for intent for your website. Discover the different ways people might find their way to your pages and tailor them to answer their questions. Map the user journey from A to Z and place your content in strategic places. Also pay attention to the way you phrase your answers – more often than not, the conversational style will prove to be what you’re looking for.


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Website development
Creating websites is our main business, which we have been doing for many years now, and most importantly, we do it really well!


The websites we create are visually attractive, have a neat appearance, are friendly to visitors and search engines and above all, are functionally rich. The final website that is delivered to the client’s hands is extremely easy to use and is configured for both computer and mobile users. Everything is engine-rich so that you can easily add or edit content on your site. Creating a website is not just about graphics, content and site usability. Each time we try to get to know your business and play the role of an ideal customer. It is on your website that a potential customer will find the solution to their problem or find the product/content they are looking for. The website itself will be an ideal place from where to hold your first business meeting.

At Comart we not only design websites, but also take care of their high ranking in the search engine. Websites and their positioning and optimization are the elements which contribute to creating your brand online.


The Google search engine alone is used by approximately 20 million Internet users a month, which constitutes 93% of their total number. This proves that doing business on the Internet, it is worth that our users can easily find our website in search results. Positioning of websites, or also known as SEO (search engine optimization) is an action aimed at achieving the highest possible position of a website in search engines, mostly Google. Effective positioning increases company/brand recognition, but also makes you reach potential customers with your offer when they are looking for exactly that product or service. The goal of SEO is to increase website visits, focusing on proper conversion. We strive to ensure that the acquired knowledge and experience in SEO and internet marketing rewards the best possible results for each of our clients.


We live in a time where our experience with most services, products by looking for information about them starts with typing relevant words in Google search engine.


More and more brands are aware of the fact that taking care of SEO of their website can be a source of significant competitive advantage and its development is a good way to achieve market success. Our task is to increase the prestige of your website and thus build a positive image on the Internet.

eCommerce stores SEO
Get new customers with SEO!


At Comart, we have been dealing with SEO for a long time. We are up to date with all the changes that we can always adapt to. We provide effective and safe website positioning compliant with current Google guidelines, using tools such as GoogleAds.



Why do you need SEO promotion?


Today, search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing investments. It works for a long time and provides a high return. Its main advantages are:

  • Sales stream – To get a conversion, you need to tell a potential customer about you. A site in the first positions is much more likely to attract a visitor than positions lower down;
  • Customer Interest – It is very common that once a customer hits your site in search of a particular product then there is a good chance that the customer will stay there and decide to buy;
  • Customer Confidence – High rankings can be compared to prestigious neighborhoods in a city. This is where the stereotype that successful companies are in the spotlight works. It is similar with SEO: if a website is on the first positions in search engines it can be considered as the potentially best one;
  • Savings on advertising – It is obvious that SEO requires a financial investment, but in the long run it is more profitable than investing in search engine ads.


Google AdWords positioning

Looking for help in increasing your online sales? Do you want to encourage a larger group of potential customers to visit your site or contact you? Planning marketing activities for a website requires proper selection of channels for its promotion. One of the most effective forms of advertising has become the Google advertising system, which offers positioning Google AdWords. Websites and positioning as well as emission of text, graphic and video ads allows to promote a website more effectively, encouraging potential customers to visit it.


What is Google AdWords and how does it reach potential customers with advertising?


AdWords advertising is associated with Google search engine campaigns, where sites are marked with an “ad” tag. Sponsored links then appear at the very top of search results, as well as at the bottom of the page. Between them there are organic results, i.e. those obtained through effective positioning activities. Using the possibilities offered by Google AdWords campaigns you can increase the number of inquiries, clearly increase sales, and additionally improve the image of the brand, which gains in popularity this way. Professional support in running AdWords campaigns also allows you to provide ongoing analysis and optimization, which allows you to increase the effectiveness and profitability of running a website.

Google AdWords ads are a promotion that we encounter on websites every day while browsing. On the advertising surface of the pages are displayed advertising banners directing to the promoted website of companies that have decided to use this form of promotion. Their form can be very diverse – text, graphic, dynamically adjusting to the advertising space, etc. They appear on websites that belong to Google’s network of advertising partners. These ads can also appear on the Youtube platform, and there is also the option of promotion via Gmail, where they are sent out in a newsletter-style form. AdWords campaigns are therefore very diverse, giving you many fantastic options to suit your preferences, budget and expectations.


Google Adwords advantages

Google AdWords sponsored links are a possibility to reach a huge number of clients in a very short time. Launching a campaign based on keywords that are key to the subject of your website allows you to see the first effects after just a few days. Using Google AdWords campaigns allows you to target potential clients looking for specific products or services. It is possible to target a specific location, gender or age of recipients. Ads can be presented at specific times of day or on selected days of the week. Depending on your budget, you can implement campaigns with virtually no restrictions.

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