What is the Baselinker tool?
Are you selling on Allegro, eBay, or maybe selling on Amazon? It’s great, because BaseLinker tool is compatible with e-commerce on these marketplaces. What is BaseLinker – in short, it is like a professional operating system, thanks to which, for example, handling an account on Allegro becomes child’s play. Integrating BaseLinker with a marketplace means more effective management of seller’s profile and store’s offer on any sales platform from these three powerful sites.
Imagine that you would have to “on foot” add each product and its description, as well as “manually” handle all orders and respond to each e-mail separately. With BaseLinker, the whole process is much simpler, saving you tons of time. There are also no unpleasant mistakes, such as mistaking the address of the recipient you wanted to send an e-mail to.
Most importantly, the customer perceives your store as professional, and thus inspires trust. All this can be achieved even if your experience with e-commerce is not extensive. Our trainings will help you do that – find out how BaseLinker’s professional service will help you speed up many sales and sales-related processes!
What do we want to offer you?
Thanks to us you will effectively increase your sales. All thanks to our techniques that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

Running an online store is increasingly a kind of “must have” today. People increasingly buy online because it gives them many advantages. They can save their time and have a greater sense of comfort, when they can calmly get acquainted with the store’s offer and think about their purchase. Modern tools, which allow to automate many processes and better configure such a store, help in operating the e-commerce service. One of the most beneficial is BaseLinker. As an experienced partner supporting entrepreneurs in planning e-commerce development path, we offer attractive and effective BaseLinker training. The term “BaseLinker” is not familiar to you? We encourage you to read further content. If you are interested in BaseLinker training right now, contact us and we believe that we will offer you a profitable solution!

See how we operate
If you choose to use BaseLinker, you may appreciate features such as:

  • two-way integration with Allegro, eBay, or Amazon;
  • products disappear from your warehouse, regardless of whether a customer buys them on marketplace or on your standard e-commerce store (one database);
    order configuration;
  • status change (sending e-mails to customers with information on the stage of order completion), e-mail notifications (e.g. after receiving payment, with a link to tracking the shipment);
  • easy login to BaseLinker panel from any device;
  • personalize your auctions
  • you can put up an auction either from your standard e-commerce stock or from the one you support with BaseLinker;
  • easily configure your auctions with ready-made templates (you can use one template for all your auctions, or several, assigning them to specific product categories or to relevant products from your offer);
  • You can quickly compare your prices with competitor’s offers, so you can put up an auction with a price that will attract a greater number of interested buyers;
    You can easily configure shipping prices, e.g. by specifying the weight of the goods.
What is BaseLinker integration about?
BaseLinker integration gives you many advantages when it comes to handling your eBay account, running Allegro sales, or handling your Amazon account. Practically every 5 minutes you have a preview of what is happening in your store in these marketplaces, so you are perfectly informed. So you can react instantly to all kinds of actions from customers and potential customers.

If you have people buying from you who place larger orders, then you can easily include all the products in one shipment. You’ll save time on packing, packaging wear and tear, and you’ll make the customer pay only once for delivery to their address. Using BaseLinker, you have a powerful, yet simple and intuitive manager panel where you can see exactly what is happening in your store.

What will you learn during BaseLinker training?
If you take our training, you will learn how to use this reliable e-commerce sales tool professionally and quickly. You will gain practical skills in configuring and operating BaseLinker, specifically:

  • setting up individual modules
  • adding automated operations
  • creating templates for mailings
  • creating subsequent logistics modules
  • differentiate and automate product distribution channels in a network
  • warehouse service (management, status control and maintenance of order)
  • listing auctions on Allegro, eBay and Amazon.
What does BaseLinker training provide?
When BaseLinker support is no longer a black magic for you, you will be able to, among other things:

  • many times reduce time spent on e-commerce,
  • fully use the potential which lies in the collected data,
  • Put up attractive auctions in the web,
  • Use professional templates to present your offer even more attractively,
  • Many more customers will learn about your products than before,
    personalize your product descriptions and auctions, so that your offer reaches people with specific needs.
Why take our BaseLinker training?
Knowing how to use BaseLinker, there is no need to hire specialists, who can be extremely expensive. Besides, when such an expert gets sick or takes a vacation, and in that time something starts to break, then there is no one to fix configuration errors. Looking for someone “on the spot” can be expensive. You can come across dishonest professionals who will charge you for a simple operation as for a complicated repair.

However, knowing BaseLinker well, an entrepreneur remains independent. He can also configure his store according to his own vision of e-commerce development, not someone from outside. In case of any malfunction, he is able to quickly find its cause and solve the problem before it negatively affects the perception of the service among customers. BaseLinker trainings therefore give a sense of self-confidence, which is especially important when you are planning to expand your distribution channel with such services as Allegro, eBay or Amazon.

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