What is the Amazon?
Amazon has a huge customer base and almost unlimited opportunities to expand into foreign markets such as the UK, Germany, Spain and France. The total number of Amazon users in Europe is about 340 million. Let us make your business reach customers in the above mentioned countries and expand your online marketing reach with us.
Thousands of small businesses in a variety of markets and industries have started selling on Amazon and have seen satisfactory or even phenomenal sales increases in a short period of time. Find out why you should start selling globally on Amazon and reach 300 million potential customers worldwide with your offer.
What do we want to offer you?
Thanks to us you will effectively increase your sales. All thanks to our techniques that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

We offer you comprehensive Amazon sales management. It can be very useful for you if you want to expand your markets overseas. When you find that your home market is no longer enough, we suggest you start your expansion with Amazon if you are not already doing so. It is such a powerful platform that allows you to gain new customers and reach even very distant markets. We will make your sales on Amazon constantly grow.

See how we operate
We offer you useful tools to make sales on Amazon. With them, you will also check the sales trends and their potential. This will allow you to:

  • estimate sales
  • forecast margins
  • analyze market presence
  • create a demand report
  • determining the popularity of the goods

We will help you determine the profitability of your sales, because it matters not only how much your customers will buy, but also what the demand is for the goods you offer. In addition, we will give you information on how to sell on Amazon. This includes fees, withdrawals and commissions.

In order to run Amazon sales smoothly, we must adhere to the rules that the site requires. We will place great emphasis on customer satisfaction, so all information relating to the goods, such as descriptions and images, must meet strict requirements and guidelines. We will also take care of contact with the customer. We assure you that it will be at the highest level. Thanks to us, the customer will receive answers to his questions within a strict deadline, and the same will apply to the transfer of products. Amazon’s privacy policy and terms and conditions can be difficult and sometimes even incomprehensible for a novice user. We will walk you through all the procedures and our translators will help you understand the more difficult issues. We can help you serve customers from Germany, England, Italy or France. Online sales management will increase your profits and allow you to acquire customers from all over the world. In addition to the above help, you will receive our support in issues such as integration with IAI and integration with Magento.

For Amazon management to be successful we need to start with the account. Managing an Amazon account is all about choosing it. We have to Basic account and Pro account. The Basic account is free, but with it you can sell up to 40 items per month, but you have to pay a commission. The Pro account allows you to sell an unlimited number of products without a fixed fee for each item, in addition to the commission. The Pro account is associated with numerous benefits for sellers. Our Amazon service will involve, among other things, opening an account on Amazon. It is worth knowing that only companies can sell on this site, not individuals or those who run a sole proprietorship. This gives you a guarantee that all items come from trusted sellers. In order to manage your Amazon account efficiently (and open it at all), you need to prepare full documentation. This is a must for those businesses that are just starting out with Amazon.

Amazon optimization is necessary to improve the visibility of products in search results. Amazon positioning has a positive effect on click-through rate and conversion rate, all of which result in better product sales. We will conduct a two-step SEO process for you. The first will be keyword optimization and the second will be listing optimization.

We will run advertising campaigns for you that use Amazon PPC . We will select keywords that match our product listing, which will be relevant to the customer’s search. The ad will display and be highlighted on the search results page or product page.

Products covered by the ad will display at the top or bottom of the listing, and will also have a note that the listing is sponsored. With Amazon Headline Search, it is possible to promote 3 products at once, while Display Ads are display ads that will display on product and category cards.

We also offer you a sales audit that will help you detect any errors in your sales performance. In our audit you will receive a full sales optimization and competitive analysis. We will take a close look at your auctions, promotions and their costs. We will verify your descriptions and templates – if something is not working properly, we will develop a strategy for you on how to improve it. You will also receive account management software from us.

Amazon optimization is necessary to improve the visibility of products in search results. Amazon positioning has a positive effect on click-through rate and conversion rate, all of which result in better product sales. We will conduct a two-step SEO process for you. The first will be keyword optimization and the second will be listing optimization.

We will increase the reach of your offerings and make your brand more visible. We implement strategies that include “Sponsored products” and “Sponsored brands” promotion.
The first allows you to increase your sales results on the fly, reaching customers who are interested in buying your products right now.
The second one allows you to reach customers already after promotional activities, conspicuously. If you have many products in your offer, or different assortment, promotion through “Sponsored brands” uses this potential. This is an ideal solution if you are interested in good results and recognition of your brand in the long term.

Global sales are our daily bread!
If you sell on Amazon not only on the Polish market, but also abroad, you will need a specialist who is well versed in both the panel in another language and knows the trends in the countries to which you are open for business. We provide our services in, among others: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, as well as in Australia, USA or Canada.

Even if you haven’t grown your business in many other countries, we can help you successfully cross the next threshold on the way to growing your store on Amazon. We provide fast and in-depth seller panel support on Amazon marketplace. We have an experienced team and use a reliable BaseLinker. With us, short campaign deployment time even across multiple marketplaces is a certainty. By choosing just our services, you know exactly what you are paying for. Or rather, what you invest in. With us, your campaign on Amazon will bring you only measurable financial benefits!

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