What is Landing Page?
Landing page is often called interchangeably landing page, which is a shortened version, closing in the form of one-page OnePage. So we can say that it is a special kind of business card, where a potential customer finds the most important information about the product or service, encouraging to perform a particular action or to read important content.

Landing page with content that encourages action applies to activities such as:

  • Download a free e-book,
  • Subscribe to a newsletter or webinar,
  • Take advantage of a discount on a new product or promotion,
  • Test a product or service during a free trial period,
  • Sign up for a promoted service.

A characteristic element of every such page is a button that encourages to perform a specific action, i.e. CTA with a short command e.g. “sign up”.

What do we want to offer you?
Thanks to us you will effectively increase your sales. All thanks to our techniques that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

A good landing page especially reaches people who have been redirected from external advertisement. By conducting such a campaign, we direct our offer to a specific group of recipients, with specific information and offer. In this way, you increase your chances of acquiring a potential lead, who may eventually become your customer and business partner for years!

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Landing page vs homepage

The homepage has a navigation menu, a broad description of the products or services available. A landing page, on the other hand, is a modest web page designed to get contact information from visitors. So it does not have the typical navigational elements, including menus. Both the content and the graphic design are meant to persuasively influence the user to decide to take the offered option.


How to create an effective landing page?

You should start creating a landing page by finding answers to the most important questions, i.e. who is the addressee of the content, and what actions the page is supposed to encourage. An effective landing page is usually very simple in its form – the “less is more” rule works perfectly here. At the same time, the design should be clear and the form, where you can leave your contact information, should be visible.

As far as the content is concerned, it has to be as concise as possible and inform about what the user will receive when filling out the contact form. The most common details needed are an email address and possibly a first name or additional contact information.


Why do you need a landing page ?
  • You direct the recipient with a personalized offer.
  • You can sell your service quickly without distracting your customer with unnecessary information.
  • Focus on getting the highest number of conversions.
  • With a clear landing page structure, you’ll be able to convince the user more effectively to your offer.
  • By presenting one service, you’ll increase the conversion rate.
  • You’ll have a direct impact on ROI, while reducing costs and time.
  • Expand your customer base in a simple way.
A customer on your landing page can:
  • purchase a product directly.
  • Download material such as an ebook.
  • Get in direct contact with the seller.
  • Fill in a contact form.
  • Order a selected service.
  • subscribe to a newsletter or training.
  • register in the service.
  • express your interest in an offer.
  • be redirected to a landing page.
The differences between a landing page and a website:
  • Landing is designed to increase sales.
  • Landing is directed to a selected group of recipients.
  • Landing provides precise information about a product.
  • Landing is used to promote a particular product.
  • Landing reaches especially to people who have been redirected from an advertisement.
  • Landing persuades its customers to a specific action.
  • Landing is one page with specific content, written in the language of benefits.
  • Landing should be a marketing addition to your company website.
  • A website is a business card. Builds trust and image of your company
  • The website allows you to reach a wide range of users
  • The site has no limits on the amount of information.
  • The website presents all the services you provide.
  • The website is mainly visited by customers who search for your services online.
  • The site has redirects, which automatically reduces conversions.
  • The site has many sub-pages of general content, such as a blog.
  • The website is the main source of knowledge about your company, offerings and experience.
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