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One constantly hears how in any place in the world and at any time someone is Googling something. The popular term “google it” has nowadays crossed cultural barriers and has become something ubiquitous in everyday life. When we have a question, we immediately look for the answer on Google. When we want to buy something or order a service, we don’t hesitate for a moment. We reach for Google.
This cooperation really pays off! With Ecomart, you have a chance for rapid development

Today’s reality is also that marketplace platforms for small and large companies can guarantee business success. But not only by increasing sales, but also by improving market positioning. The more visibility a company has, the more likely it is to increase sales. We, as Ecomart, offer advertising strategy services that work through digital media. And whose main goal is to market your company with millions of users. As a company, we focus on providing technologies and strategies that can generate more and more leads and increase brand positioning.

Our SEO strategies for online stores and websites will guarantee:

  • better search engine visibility
  • frequent visits to your website by your target audience
  • new customers
  • daily monitoring of your campaigns
  • better sales results

Google searches are growing every day. Millions of people are searching for products or services that interest them and make their lives easier. Our Ecomart company will make you reach more new users.

Attract more customers with ads created by Ecomart!
You don’t have to be an Internet expert to know that SEO in the digital environment is a bumpy but effective road to success. And where does your store, your website, rank after typing in Google? Do you think it can be improved? Do you want to start from scratch or continue, but this time with help? We know that planning digital marketing campaigns is not easy, but the good news is that you and your business can count on Ecomart’s expertise.
We will make your store not only appear in Google, but appear in a high position
If you are running an online sale with many products and you want to advertise your business, I’m sure you are thinking, “How can I advertise myself with such a huge list of products? It will take me years to create all the ads.” With Ecomart, the impossible becomes achievable in a very short time. Having been in the e-commerce market for many years, we provide professional assistance in creating campaigns to promote products. And also in increasing website traffic and achieving better sales results. Yes, the process is labor-intensive and requires planning, but it can bring great results. We know this because we are a team that has been dealing with similar issues for more than 12 years. We are here for our clients to suggest how to effectively invest in good digital marketing strategies.





Those that are not seen for a long time are not remembered. With Ecomart, this is simply impossible!





We know that there is no way to succeed in the digital world if your digital presence is insufficient. We all use the Internet as a way to look for solutions to problems and find answers. But good positioning requires effort and work. And anyone who thinks it requires a big investment is wrong. To invest yes you have to, but with your head. And we know how to do it.





Creating campaigns in Google Ads-this is what we are really good at.




Many people have doubts about Google Ads or have heard about it, but are not sure what Google Ads is. Even more so, they don’t know what are the best ways to generate revenue using it. At Ecomart, we know that good advertising should reach the right people at the right time. That’s why Google Ads is a great option for anyone who wants to promote their company, product or service in a targeted, segmented, and measurable way. Our team makes sure that the advertising you offer is displayed even more effectively at times of high user interest, thanks to Google Ads.





We will create such a marketing strategy for you to permanently increase the visibility of your brand or company.





We create ad campaigns based on our clients’ goals, i.e. sales, leads, publicity, gaining new customers. We handle the entire process of creating Google Ads campaigns from keyword selection to ad creation. Our campaigns are extremely effective and reach the target audience interested in the products and services of the company that has partnered with us. We have years of experience in optimizing ad campaigns and helping online businesses grow. We do not stop at small and constantly optimize Google Ads campaigns to improve their effectiveness. We know exactly what commercial value our campaigns bring to our clients.

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If you want to start your first advertising campaigns, Ecomart’s experience and expertise will certainly help you. We create, optimize and manage your new campaigns so that the promotion of your website and your business translates into sales. We find the right customers and increase the number of contacts or sales on your site with Google Ads campaigns. We help companies that trust us develop the best ways to build genuine online relationships that engage and connect new and existing customers.




Why should you trust us? Ecomart is a company that likes to share success!


By creating Google Ads campaigns for its clients, Ecomart finds ideal audiences and generates sales faster. We have been creating marketing strategies for more than 12 years, which has given us a lot of experience and taught us to react quickly to the changes that online sales bring. Google searches are growing every day, with millions of people searching for products or services that interest them and make their lives easier. Our goal is to help our clients generate better and better results in this environment. With our commitment, we create personalized and specific campaigns. This keeps us very focused on generating excellent results for our clients.




This is how we work! Make a difference with Ecomart and use Google Ads to your advantage





Want to reach new customers? Opt for campaigns such as Discovery, Display and Performance MAX? Do you want to display attractive, engaging ads for your brand in Google content sources? Do you plan to attract the attention of potential customers at a time when they are ready to learn about new brands? Or do you plan to expand the reach of the successful audience acquisition strategy used in your campaigns so far? With us you will succeed. If you want to reconnect with your most valuable customers or those who are very familiar with your brand because they previously purchased your product, rely on remarketing. Ecomart means effective positioning and promotion using modern and ever-changing tools. You don’t have to keep up with these changes. We are happy to do it for you. Your benefit, our passion will add up to mutual success.





We measure effectiveness with reports of detailed performance statistics, success with satisfaction of our customers!





Reach a large number of the most relevant customers with the help of campaigns outsourced to us. We will not bother you with the technical side of these activities. Our 10-person Ecomart team, focused on performance marketing, will encourage your customers in various Google channels in each campaign and help you reach new groups of customers for goods and services. Using our Google customer behavior analytics, you’ll be able to display better-tailored and more relevant ads to users when they are most interested in learning more about your products

Comart customers appreciate our advantages

The long-term success of a company cannot be based only on good products. Reliability, tradition, innovation and a satisfied customer also count.

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