We have been awarded the title of Allegro Ads Partner+
Comprehensive Service
Allegro Ads Partner is a program specially dedicated to agencies that professionally deal with Allegro Ads campaigns on behalf of sellers. Selected agencies have specialists who have adequate knowledge and experience in running and optimizing advertising campaigns.


Use our help – we specialize in Allegro ADs – advertising with our help is extremely effective. We know it from our own experience – more than one client has achieved satisfactory results thanks to us!

To ensure that running Allegro sales is not a waste of time and money, use our professional help. Thanks to us, your store records only profits and benefits. That is:

1) Customers see your offer when they want to buy the product you have
2) Your promoted offer is at the top of the page with selected products
3) The more you sell, the faster a potential customer will become interested in your offer
4) The promoted sale on Allegro is visible throughout the sales funnel – from the first to the last stage (an increase in brand awareness is guaranteed)
5) we will prepare a promotional offer for a specific customer profile, i.e. for a customer who has specific needs
6) managing online sales on Allegro as part of the campaign – with our help you complete orders for a satisfactory amount
7) you reach regular, new and potential Customers with your product offer every day throughout the whole duration of the campaign (every hour, minute, second)

By promoting yourself on Allegro, your offer reaches much further, spreading really wide circles. As a certified Allegro Ads Partner +, we will promote your store on this site and beyond. We take online sales management to heart. Therefore, we do not neglect any sales channel that is possible within our Allegro ADs campaign. Advertising will appear on this sales platform, as well as on Google and Facebook.

Allegro ADs campaigns can easily fit into your budget. When promoting on Allegro, you only need to spend PLN 3 per sponsored offer. This is the required daily budget, but of course, you can always allocate more, depending on whether, for example, you want to promote just one product or a larger number. Of course, considering the daily budget, you cannot forget about the total budget, i.e. the final value of the investment you will allocate to promote your store on Allegro. It is worth calculating the amount you are able to spend on Allegro ADs campaign. In case you want to extend, prolong or suspend it, you always have such possibility and your invested money will never be lost.

The main Allegro ad is always displayed at the top. In the first two product listings, there will be a promotion of your store and the selected range or specific product. An ad of the same size and appearance also appears in the last two search results on this sales site. This means that the customer, who first only “mirrors” the offers and browses in addition to yours also those of your competitors, at the very end comes back to your products. Thanks to this, the probability that a potential buyer will turn into an actual customer who will place an order on your e-commerce website increases significantly.

A slightly smaller ad will be noticed by Allegro users when they want to use the filters on the left. Your promotional offer is located under those parameters, which shoppers can set to quickly match the given assortment to their preferences. With our help, your store’s ad is tailored so that it displays to those potential customers who want to buy just your product, without using filters. It is already perfectly tuned with their preferences before they even set them. This works on imagination automatically – the customer thinks “why waste time on setting filters, when I have in front of my eyes exactly the offer that interests me?” and immediately goes to the page with your promoted product or collection.

For your offer to reach exactly those Recipients who might actually buy the product you have on sale, three things have to work. First, the potential customer types in the Allegro search engine what he is interested in. Secondly, the search engine’s algorithm quickly analyzes the database with products that are on this sales platform. It selects among them those which best match the keywords appearing in the search bar. Thirdly, in order for those theoretically interested in your offer to find it, the products you promote are supplemented with descriptions containing the key phrases typed in by potential clients. Selling on Allegro, which you promote with a certified Comart agency, gives an optimal combination of these three aspects. In practice, there is no possibility that the Recipient will not notice your offer if he is interested in the product or assortment advertised by you.

– We have experience in advertising on Allegro. We know what counts and how long a promotion should last in order to significantly increase the sale of promoted products from your offer. We know the current trends on Allegro. We know that an ad must appear at least several times to attract attention. A properly written offer is also the key to success – we know it!

– A campaign takes time, but we don’t lack it. We will develop a good strategy for you, analyze your individual situation and the competition you face on Allegro. We do not take actions influenced by emotions, but based on planning supported by data and practical knowledge.

– We are flexible. We react on an ongoing basis to how Allegro Ads ads affect your potential customers. We analyze all available statistics, monitor consumer behavior and make appropriate decisions in order to “squeeze” as much as possible from this promotion for you.

– We never achieve results below your and our assumptions. At most, it can only get better. With us, you can be sure that your Allegro Ads will be a success!

What is Allegro?
Allegro is currently the largest online sales platform in Poland, which is constantly evolving, expanding and introducing revolutionary changes in many areas. In recent years Allegro has developed dynamically, gaining popularity among customers and reaching more and more Polish Internet users. Allegro sales management is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, if you have your account on this trading platform, you will probably need help in managing it. With us it is easy! You will no longer have to worry about your sales on Allegro – thanks to us, they will finally increase. Allegro management is something you need to increase your profits.
What do we want to offer you?
Thanks to us you will effectively increase your sales. All thanks to our techniques that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

Professional sales support

We take care of auction listing and sales activation. We individually study the competitive market, consider promotion in the area of opportunities and brands, provide ADS campaign management. We take care of cost and account optimization. Within the framework of cooperation we enable entry into foreign markets.

Complex Audits

We comprehensively carry out sales audits on auction portals such as Allegro, eBay, Amazon and other e-shops: we examine compliance with regulations, navigate sales and monitor costs. These types of activities contribute to the improvement of what your company currently has.

Strategy matters

For companies that need to go a step further and expand their reach into additional sales markets, we are ready to conduct a customized strategy. With us, you will choose the right sales tools, adjust your goals and master a specific way to sell.

Advertising is key

Allegro ADs campaigns are the key to success on this popular sales site. But only if you work with an agency like ours, which is an expert with a capital E. We are a Certified Allegro ADs Agency and have received the highest distinction of Allegro Ads Partner+
See how we operate

What do you need to know about selling on Allegro?

Sellers have to adjust their auctions to mobile devices, so we will make sure that your listings are displayed well on smartphones, tablets and laptops. We know how much you have on your mind, so we will keep you up to date with the changes taking place at Allegro, both those relating to regulations and sales rules. Thanks to our systematic education about the requirements and regulations of the transaction platform, you will achieve better results. Allegro requires absolute compliance with its rules. Our specialists will help you develop item descriptions that are clearly separated from the terms and conditions of the listing and conscientiously complete all parameters in the sections required by Allegro. Thanks to us, it is possible to integrate with PrestaShop, SkyShop, integration with IAI, integration with Magento or Baselinker.

How do I manage my Allegro account?

Efficient account management will generate more sales. Of course, we’ll take care of all that, which means we’ll help you manage your business account. We want everything to run smoothly and you to be satisfied. In the case of an ordinary account you only need to register and activate the account. However, in case of a company account you have to provide the data of your company in the registration form and sometimes even attach scans of documents confirming the business activity. The data will be visible in the “About me” tab. Managing your account we will complete all the formalities, so do not forget to include the rules of sale in accordance with applicable laws. If you wish, you can share your account with your spouse.

We will make sure that your account inspires confidence in your potential customers. We will help you name your account to match the items you list. If you want to have multiple accounts, that’s no problem. We will manage them so that sales keep growing.

We offer you help with Allegro sales, so we will make sure that the “About me” tab is completed with all the data, such as contact, company information, payment methods, clear rules for returns and complaints, shipping information.

Allegro AD campaigns - invest from the start!

Running a store on Allegro has its pros and cons. The upside is that Allegro attracts many Internet users, potential buyers. The downside is that it also attracts many sellers. By offering your products there, you can do everything right and hope quietly that potential customers will find your offer and buy the product from you. This will surely happen sooner or later. When the first customer is found, you will be delighted, but when there are not enough of them in a month for you to make a profit, then it is not so rosy anymore.

Therefore, invest in Allegro ADs campaigns from the very beginning. You will find that not everyone who encounters your ad will be inclined to buy from you, but most of them will. Especially with our help, that is with our Allegro ADs Comart agency, which is now a certified Allegro Ads Partner +. With us, you will start growing locally and nationwide.

Allegro optimization - how will we do it for you?

Allegro optimization is necessary to match your offers to customer requirements. We will professionally take care of positioning your offers on Allegro. First of all, we will focus on the most important factors, which are, among others

product name, as this is the most important element of positioning and we will start with it. The name has to describe what the product is, so you have to include the most important keywords describing the type of item. In the name we avoid adjectives which do not contribute anything
appropriate category and product parameters – the products must be assigned to an appropriate category because even the best described item loses its position in search results. Offer parameters is another thing that should be created correctly. Parameters are important because they add keywords. So they generate positions in search results.
The quality of the offer – is primarily its click-through rate in search results, the number of product purchases and the conversion factor, the number of actions of adding the product to the cart. Thanks to us, the products offered by you will have the highest value in the eyes of your customers.
In order to further strengthen your position in the search results, we will suggest you a few reliable methods. First of all, we suggest free shipping as part of Allegro Smart, a program highly valued by the Allegro service. We know from experience that free shipping and various forms of delivery also generate strong bid positions.

Managing Allegro sales is not difficult for us, especially since we have extensive experience in this field. Thanks to us, your sales on Allegro will constantly grow and you will have time to deal with other issues – such as expanding your assortment.

Help in selling on Allegro - you can count on us!

Thanks to us you will effectively increase your sales. All thanks to our techniques that will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. Allegro is growing rapidly gaining popularity among Internet users. We offer you help in the conduct of an account on Allegro, but also in such issues as listing auctions. Operating Allegro account can be difficult for novice users. We will help you avoid problems related to blocking your account, which sometimes happens very often to novice users.

Effective sales on Allegro? Thanks to promotion! Check out how we can make you profitable with Allegro ADs campaign!


As a certified Allegro Ads Partner + we will monetize every penny you invest. We analyze all our previous campaigns. We juxtapose proven solutions with the challenges of current trends, searched keywords, with your offer, with your product descriptions, with your financial possibilities. We select the best keyword phrases and CPC amounts and weave them into selling content. From the first second we launch your Allegro ADs campaign, we monitor its progress and introduce beneficial changes. Thanks to that, it is optimally effective. It works.

First impressions are the most important

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Allegro Ads Partner+
Comprehensive Service

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