What is a Empik Marketplace?
Empik is a brand with a history in the Polish market that spans more than 70 years, making it one of the most popular shopping spaces in our country. Initially it included only stationary stores with an abundance of book, music and press publications, only to join e-commerce in 1998. After a positive reception, Empik’s appetite has not diminished, and it now offers Empik Marketplace, a state-of-the-art sales platform where retailers can display their offerings under a banner that is well-known and appreciated by shoppers. EmpikPlace is a place where all sellers who share similar values to the portal can exhibit, and the ever-expanding e-commerce site allows them to present themselves in a wide range of product categories.
If you are selling online, there is much to gain from Empik Marketplace, as the service allows you to promote your stores, while giving you the opportunity to reach a huge pool of buyers. Wanting to expand your business, reach potential customers and increase sales – with our support you can use its potential to the fullest. Offering comprehensive services in the operation of Empik Marketplace, we provide expert service to make sales management a success.
What can we offer you?
Our team are experts in their field, so our offer is addressed to those who value quality and professionalism.

Since we know how demanding it is to run accounts on sales platforms – from creating, handling and tracking sales changes and trends, to developing effective sales and marketing strategies, our support will save you a lot of time. Comprehensive support of your company’s Empik Marketplace account means sure sales success and satisfaction from successful transactions. Among our services, you will find full configuration of your company account, correct product descriptions that are audience and SEO friendly, as well as full support at every stage of operation.

How do we operate?
Want to grow on the EmpikPlace platform? With us, you will do it with a bump. Using our services, you will join one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in Poland in a big way. With our help, you will increase your reach, gain popularity for your brand, and at the same time you do not have to worry about anything – we will carry out all the activities that are necessary for the launch and during the ongoing operation of your account on Empik Marketplace. You are left with shipping products and counting profits!
Why take advantage of EmpikPlace’s potential?
The Empik platform offers some of the most favorable commission rates on the market, is a space friendly to the needs of online stores, has a unique customer base, but also integrates well with popular store platforms. With Comart’s help, you can accelerate your growth on Empik Marketplace and take full advantage of its hidden potential. Together with us:

  • you will systematically increase sales;
  • you will take care of the aesthetics and compliance with the platform’s regulations of product presentation,
  • you will gain confidence and security of transactions, becoming a customer-friendly seller.
What can you sell on Empik Marketplace?
Empik is no longer just a space with music, books or newspapers! The modern form of the platform has meant that you’ll find a lot of potential here for selling games, consoles, music, movies, books, newspapers, toys, school supplies, but also sports accessories, household appliances and much more. The ever-expanding EmpikPlace gives you the opportunity to sell products from an ever-widening range of categories, so it’s a place to use to your advantage.
Achieve success on Empik Marketplace!
If you want to start your activities on Empik Marketplace or have problems with developing your account – we will be happy to help! We will take care of your affairs in terms of running your account, support you in advertising campaigns and promotions, conduct analysis, put up auctions, take care of technical support and audits. We invite companies that want to expand their horizons to contact us!
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