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omart is a marketing agency. First and foremost, it deals with intelligent sales management on the Internet. Comart serves companies that focus on the development of their business and aim to successfully increase sales of the products they offer on portals such as Allegro, eBay, Amazon and others. The development of a company’s business on the e-commerce market opens up a number of opportunities. They concern both the acquisition of new customers and the multiplication of current business relationships that the company currently has. Thanks to the Comart agency, many companies can save their valuable time, as it helps to step into a higher level of business management. The agency will additionally contribute effectively to its promotion on portals such as: Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

E-commerce-news in 2023

Some of the trends expected to prevail in 2023 include: Social commerce, cross-border or the use of augmented reality. Online sales continue to grow, not surprisingly, as many aspects of life are now moving online. So the market is growing rapidly, and e-shops need new solutions that will effectively support sales. So what trends should we expect to see in 2023?


Trend 1: Cross- border
Cross- border means selling internationally. With local markets getting smaller and smaller, many online retailers are looking to launch sales beyond our country’s borders. Many store and sales platforms offer just this type of solution. A simple entry into cross-border is supported by, among other things, integration with courier companies, marketplaces or quick translations. Countries where sales from Polish e-shops can be particularly popular include: Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Greece and the Czech Republic. With Allegro’s acquisition of Mall Group, there was an opportunity to sell to precisely the Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, but also Croatian, etc. markets.


Trend 2: Even faster payments
E-commerce customers want to make payments for purchased products in the fastest possible way. The most important thing for them is not to have to register or change platforms. Simplifying the path of payment for purchased products will contribute to the fact that customers in 2023 are even more likely to opt for one-click online shopping.


Trend 3: M- commerce
Although M-commerce has already been online for several years and is not a new concept, it will definitely continue to grow in 2023. Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to shop online. It is for this reason that an online store should be properly adapted to them. what is it? is the largest Czech marketplace that is open to Polish sellers. When Allegro acquired Mall Group, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech press described the event as “the deal of the decade.” This turned out to be an extremely important step in Allegro’s international expansion, and it could be part of a major refresh in the Czech market. has been around since 2000 and is admittedly the largest Czech marketplace, but with time came the need for a new wind in the sails. As you may notice, of this “wind” has arrived. It is, of course, the situation related to Allegro, when 135,000 sellers from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the newly formed group, will benefit from the option to list on one platform while selling throughout the region.

Now is the right time to enter the Czech market. In the past, getting on it was not one of the easiest things to do, at the time such attempts were met with many obstacles and adversity. Now a platform awaits sellers from Poland, where they can make their first successes right away and enter the Czech market practically on the spur of the moment. Previously, selling in our neighbors was associated with paperwork, while now there are no such dilemmas. There is no need to establish a business in the Czech Republic or register Czech VAT. In addition, there is not even a need to translate contracts or other documents, as Mall’s new partner inspection team, independently checks the data of the counterparty, i.e. the company in its publicly available databases.

Why is it worth to use the services of Comart Marketing Agency?

Comart specializes in assisting with many online stores and platforms. Among others, Allegro Ads Partner, a program that is specifically dedicated to the agency. This one can professionally handle Allegro Ads campaigns on behalf of sellers. Advertising with the help of Comart specialists is extremely effective. More than one client has achieved truly satisfactory results with such assistance.

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