Allegro Ads campaigns to leverage your store – part 2


f you sell products on Allegro that fall into the category of small accessories, ornaments, clothes or gadgets, your offer is one of the most popular on this marketplace. For this reason, promotion, e.g. in the form of a banner ad, seems to be a quite logical solution. Especially when you know that we are Allegro Ads Partner Plus – a company that knows practically everything about promoting on Allegro and as one of the few in the country has “worked out” this certificate before.
Suppose that selling on Allegro in your situation means offering cosmetics. Since this offer has a lot of competition, we would pay attention to the products that attract buyers to you. Frequently ordered products translate into more ordered products.

How could we promote you through banner advertising?

A typical “representative” of this category of goods is a face cream – one of the cosmetics that are bought most often and regularly. If it was similar in your store, we would take into consideration what kind of cream Allegro users usually order from you. Is it a cream with UV filter? Or maybe with aloe vera extract? For people with sensitive skin? We would probably think that it would be a good idea to continue promoting this cream, taking into consideration the kind of packaging it is available in – what kind of material it is made of and how much cream is contained in it.

We would choose the right keywords and exclusion words to make the cream attract specific audiences – for example, those with sensitive skin, if the cream was just for that type of skin. We would use the power of persuasion to make the cream associated with your offer and with the name of your store – we would create an advertising slogan that would encourage specific consumers to buy the cream.

We would also make sure that your offer would be high in the results on the Allegro homepage. Moreover, we would set the parameters of the Allegro Ads campaign in such a way as to emphasize all the advantages of your offer over the competitive ones.

What do you gain by choosing sales promotion on Allegro and us?

Through cooperation with Comart and Allegro Ads banner campaign you could count on higher

  • visibility of your offer in Allegro,
  • number of people interested in your products from your target group,
  • the reputation of your store and increased importance of your brand on Allegro,
  • sales of your cosmetics than before,
  • stability on the market,
  • flexibility for further development on Allegro.
Allegro Ads banner campaign – you offer products/services locally

Do you need your Allegro seller profile to reach local users of this marketplace with your offer? Would you like to promote your furniture on Allegro, or maybe you sell used items? Do you run a service company whose range is limited to a particular region of the country and therefore it is profitable for you to operate your account on Allegro as a seller? Let’s consider both situations, i.e. when you offer items and when you offer services locally on this auction site.

Allegro Ads campaign – selling products locally

Let’s assume that you offer used furniture in good condition in your product line, i.e. desks, chairs, or sofas. A banner ad could work to your advantage if you analyze your competition as well as consumer expectations. Knowing what phrases appear most often in the query bar of Allegro’s internal search engine, we could personalize banner ads to reach specific Allegro users.

Conducting sales on Allegro combined with promotion would help you find takers for your products when it is relevant to you. We could take into account the seasonality of some items, e.g. swivel chairs and desks – they are particularly popular with the arrival of a new school year. On the other hand, we would choose to promote sofas at a time when people are usually renovating their house or apartment – usually in the spring or before Christmas.

We would also take into consideration local keywords and exclusion words, i.e. the promotion would apply to desks without drawers in Cracow, for instance, and not to desks with drawers in Gdańsk. We would pay attention to the price offer, as well as the availability of goods in your store. We would also consider combining a banner ad with another form of promotion, such as an auction you are running (with or without our help). We would convince in the banner ad slogan about the attractive price for delivery and the fast delivery of the order. We would emphasize the number of good reviews given for your store or products from your offer.

Allegro Ads campaign – offering the service locally

If you run a service business on Allegro, you can also count on our help. As an Allegro Ads Partner Plus, we will make your promotion extremely profitable, regardless of whether you offer plumbing, electrical or tile installation services.

Managing online sales is a job we know very well, especially when we combine this activity with promotion on the most popular marketplace in Poland. Local promotion of services also “hides” no secrets from us.

How would we play it, using banner ads? We would distinguish your service from the competition in your location, taking into account such factors as lead time, professionalism, seniority on the market, experience in your field, or customer satisfaction. We would focus on banner advertising that displays underneath the search results in Allegro. Promoting yourself under the “About the seller” section would be unwarranted in this case, unless you offer other services.

Through keywords and exclusion words, customers would queue up to you. The more you would take care of the availability of all the information they would need to use your service. In this way, customer service would be reduced to a minimum, so you would be able to focus your attention on, among other things, order fulfillment and issues directly related to the development of your business.

What could be the advantages of selling on Allegro with banner advertising?

Whether you were promoting your listing on Allegro, selling products locally, or offering services in a specific area in the country, you could expect that with banner advertising your business would gain:

  • many new and regular customers,
  • on sales,
  • referrals to your offer,
  • status as a reputable brand locally,
  • good financial liquidity,
  • a chance for further development (e.g. in other locations in the country),
  • many opinions of satisfied customers,
  • satisfactory position on the local market among your competitors.
Banner campaign on Allegro – why Comart, Allegro Ads Partner Plus?

The above examples of business in which banner advertising is useful certainly do not exhaust all the possibilities. Contact us regardless of what stage of development your Allegro store is at or how you manage your Allegro sales. Do you invest in graphic advertising, as well as in our help? We will reach with your offer also customers who use different devices – stationary and mobile. We will also take into account all the solutions offered by the Allegro service, including an application for devices equipped with a mobile touch screen.

Additional solutions supporting sales on Allegro – BaseLinker

If you are selling on Allegro or have this store as an addition as another distribution channel, we will make managing online sales even simpler and less time consuming. One of the solutions we can still offer you is BaseLinker integration with Allegro. Apart from that, we also offer BaseLinker support, and if you would like to take care of it yourself, we offer professional BaseLinker training.

With BaseLinker solution you can automate many processes related to e-commerce. These are for example payment methods and their connection with payment services or integrated cooperation with delivery companies. You can also monitor stock levels in real-time, and speed up order processing, as orders are posted immediately to each department in your company that is responsible for picking, packing, and shipping.

Increased reach of your offer on Allegro – conducting social media

Would you like Facebook users to see an ad that shows products from your Allegro store that they have recently browsed? Great, because we also manage social media, including Facebook.

Do you want to maximize the likelihood that Facebook users will choose your products or services that you promote in your Allegro banner Ads campaign? We can also organize, analyze and implement Facebook Ads campaigns.

Facebook still has a huge potential as it has been leading among social networking sites for many years in terms of popularity as well as solutions supporting marketing, sales and promotion.

We have all the tools at our disposal that allow us to monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns, as well as to draw appropriate conclusions and modify them accordingly to adapt to the current trends on this site.

Conscious promotion – minimum spend, maximum benefit

As an experienced company that has “eaten its teeth” on promoting the business on Allegro of its customers, we can say that by investing in our help, you are wisely and lucratively investing your budget. We will not waste a single zloty – on the contrary, we will make it multiply. And in many ways!

Not only an increase in profits from sales, but also positive feedback from buyers who are more likely to buy from you, returning regularly than from your competitors. For you, this means a secure future when it comes to this marketplace – sales will “stop giving you sleepless nights”.

We know what to do to make your promotion effective, even if you cannot spend too much on advertising in Allegro. Sometimes it is better to promote yourself systematically, incurring smaller expenditures and being constantly present in buyers’ awareness, than to do it occasionally “from the big bell”.

Further growth on Allegro – also on foreign markets!

Are you planning in the near future or in a few years to enter the foreign market by selling on Allegro? You could not have found a better place! We also deal with the promotion of stores on this auction site also outside Poland. Exactly in such countries as the UK, Germany, France, Spain or Italy. We also offer comprehensive maintenance of an account on Allegro in each of these markets.

Multi-level support in running a marketplace – Allegro and others

When you choose Comart, you only profit! We will provide you with full sales support – not only on Allegro, but also on any other marketplace where you offer your products or services (e.g. eBay or Allegro).

Do you want to expand your distribution channel with another auction service? We will securely transfer your data from other e-commerce sites! Additionally, you can expect us to support you logistically (including our warehouses) and in the call center.

Apart from that, marketing support – regardless of whether you choose a banner campaign on Allegro or another promotional option, we will be able to help you “rise” above mediocrity. If you do not know how to stand out on the marketplace – no problem – we know how! Allegro Ads Partner Plus and second place among Allegro Ads partners gives you the confidence that nothing bad can happen.

Professionalism – reports, analysis, modifications, conclusions, tools, deadlines

As a certified Plus Allegro Ads Partner, we are recognized for providing a high level of service. Also in terms of professional approach and reliability in its profession. We do not throw words to the wind here – all our actions are supported by appropriate, reliable and factual documentation. You receive from us a number of reports, analyses, as well as a plan of the campaign or further development of your store on a given marketplace.

We also have at our disposal appropriate tools which allow us to manage online sales professionally, precisely and safely. We take care of your development, not forgetting that the most important for you are the results and the deadlines within which you can expect them. We also do not ignore your current business goals, which we can often extend with many additional positive solutions, and you do not have to pay a penny extra for it.

Professional approach on our part also means clear conditions of cooperation, flexible approach to the method of accounting for the effects and a guarantee that we will succeed.

Turn your marketplace business into an e-commerce super sale. We will present you with a perfect plan – a strategy that will solve all your problems and circumstances that you are struggling with, that are blocking you and that don’t allow you to get ahead in the auction service of your choice.


Contact us and your e-commerce business will be an E-Commerce Business!

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