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re you already selling on Allegro? Or do you just have such a plan? No matter what stage of selling on Allegro you’re at, we’ll help you realize your goals. Faster than you think! We are a certified agency that proudly displays our Allegro Partner+ title. We were one of the first companies to obtain this title. We have many successful campaigns behind us, and our clients appreciate our effectiveness so much that they spread their wings with us in foreign markets as well. There is a new service in English for sending to EU countries – we already know everything, so we will guide you by the hand through the entire process, suggesting the most favorable solutions in terms of reliability and financial savings.

Allegro Ads promotion for new sellers – take advantage of it with us!

Allegro is tempting new sellers with its Allegro Ads – graphic ads and sponsored offers. In order to get an extra 300 PLN for promotion in Allegro, you only need to spend 150 PLN on advertising. Sounds tempting, however, there is one but… As a novice seller, you are not yet familiar with how Allegro Ads and Allegro sales in general work. Also, running Allegro sales with a running promotion is limited in time – only until August 31. If you start selling later, the extra Allegro Ads funds will be lost.
What do you need to squeeze as much as you can out of that £300 for the promotion? You need a good plan, a good strategy, a good understanding of Allegro Ads campaigns, and you need our good support.
You may be completely green as a beginner seller on Allegro. You may not even know how to operate your Allegro account or how to use sponsored listings to highlight your product line. You can afford to do so when you enlist the help of our Allegro Partner+, who knows as little as anyone about promotion in this marketplace.
We guarantee you 100% effectiveness of your decisions. By paying a little extra and choosing our support, you will get back many times over every zloty spent on promotion in Allegro. Graphic advertising and sponsored listings have no secrets from us. We also know that marketplace sales on Allegro are becoming more challenging every day, due to increasing competition, among other things.
However, with our knowledge, experience and commitment to your success, even a novice can excel against the swarming competition. We know the trends on Allegro, we know which offers to click on and how to take care of your store’s appearance so that the sales funnel ends with a paid order.

Do regular customers on Allegro even exist? You can have them!

Managing online sales has never offered such broad and promising prospects as with Allegro’s Ads campaigns. Despite the fact that on a marketplace like Allegro people are looking for the best deals in terms of money, more and more buyers have their favorite e-commerce on this platform. This is mainly due to their familiarity with the order processing procedure, the way the products are packaged, and also because of the high quality of service, in case anyone has any doubts.
By adding Allegro Ads promotion, you can hit fertile ground with your offer. To an audience that will want the best purchase offer for them at a convenient price and in a satisfactory timeframe. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to skillfully configure your Allegro Ads campaigns to bring multitudes of benefits.

Better sales handling with Baselinker

Stali klienci, jak i nowi odbiorcy cenią sobie prosty schemat składania zamówienia. Sugerujemy więc integrację Baselinker z Allegro, co pozwoli Ci również szybko reagować na pytania zamawiających. Ponadto obsługa Baselinkerumożliwia wysyłanie powiadomień do kupujących, na jakim etapie jest realizacja zamówienia. Jeśli ten program jest dla Ciebie nieznany pod względem użytkowania, zdaj się na nasze wsparcie. Prowadzimy szkolenia Baselinker, więc możemy także pomóc Tobie poznać to oprogramowanie jak najlepiej i jak najszybciej.

Selling on Allegro versus selling on an independent e-commerce site – image consistency without secrets!

In our opinion, selling on Allegro is not too different from selling on an independent e-commerce site, where your company’s name is included in the domain name. So it’s worth making sure that your customer remembers your brand and associates your products with it. We’ll give you a hint on how to strive for image consistency while still taking care of the environment. Some companies, for example, go a little overboard in this regard, putting stamps on eggs, or printing sticky tape with the company’s name, or marking the cartons in which products are packaged with their logo and contact information.
It’s important to know that brand consistency really only covers those areas that are actually related to the product line. However, it does not include the outer packaging, only the one the product comes in, such as a pen or dishwashing liquid. The carton should remain clean so that it can be reused again and again, as should the adhesive tape. Marking food products with the name of the company, the aforementioned eggs makes the shells unusable, where the print appeared.
So rest assured that even if running Allegro sales is your first exposure to business, we won’t let your ship sink. The first year of running a business is the hardest, so the sooner you trust an experienced marketing company, Allegro Partner+, the better.
Trust our experience, which we can document with many Allegro Ads campaigns that have made our clients successful. We will help you get the title of Super Seller as soon as possible and, once you are established, enter the foreign market and open to 24 EU countries.


Take advantage of our services, Allegro Partner+ and count your success on a regular basis!

Allegro Ads campaigns to leverage your store – part 1


elling on Allegro is rewarding, yet gaining consumer attention can be a challenge. Allegro is a unique marketplace – selling here means visibility among online competitors. At the same time, the number of e-commerce sites operating on Poland’s most popular auction site is increasing.
Having an account on Allegro as a seller may not be enough to succeed. Allegro Ads campaigns “make a difference” – who needs banner advertising and why is it worth investing in it?

Managing online sales becomes easier and more effective when you can count on the support of a certified partner – Allegro Ads Partner+!

Check out how we can help you with your store on Allegro. You are already interested – contact us!

Allegro Ads banner campaign – the consumer has to buy your product

Let’s assume that you sell e-book readers. You know that there are many offers at a similar price on Allegro. Additionally, your competitors offer e-book readers at a comparable level in terms of quality or functionality.

You have two choices – do nothing except actions that allow you to record sales at a level that is acceptable to you, but does not allow you to “grow”. Or you can choose banner advertising, or more precisely an Allegro Ads campaign and in this way draw consumers’ attention to your offer.

We, as Allegro Ads Partner Plus, will make sure that the buyer receives through your ad a message like this: “you see all these e-book readers, but ours is the perfect one for you”.

How do we promote your e-book reader offering?

What can be done, you ask. We will analyze your offer, competitive products, and the behavior of Allegro users to decide how to promote your readers to reach a specific audience. It can be buyers who are looking for specific functionality, e.g. capacious internal memory or a specific type of display or screen size.

Based on that, we will choose appropriate keywords and exclusion words, and manually set other parameters using the Campaign Planner. We will advise you on this particular advertisement because the readers’ offer will appear on the homepage and under the “About the seller” section. It is also a financially rewarding option.

Allegro Ads campaigns cost a lot – myth!

Normally you pay per 1000 impressions according to the CPM model (Click Per 1000 impressions). That is, for 1000 actual impressions – the ads that your potential customer will see. On the page under the search results, the banner is immediately visible, so the cost is charged as soon as the page is loaded, where your offer of e-book readers is among the competitors. On the other hand, in the place where only your offers are available, the banner will appear when the consumer “goes down” to the “About seller” section – then the Allegro system will also charge the fee.

Managing online sales and Allegro Ads campaign – benefits to you!

What will you get out of it if you choose Allegro Ads with commission (our compensation)? You are assured that your Allegro Ads campaign will be a success that will allow you to:

  • increase sales of e-book readers,
  • exist among people looking for e-readers at proven/trusted sellers,
  • Reach a specific group of consumers with your offer,
  • stand out from the competition and stay “in front of the line” of reader offers,
  • promote a new model of e-book reader,
  • find out how Allegro users buy, e.g. in your e-commerce site.
Allegro Ads banner campaign – you promote only one assortment

Have you decided that you will sell only one assortment on Allegro or not at all? Let’s assume that your offer is limited to assortment related to home equipment. Specifically, lighting. In your assortment, hypothetically, there are standing lamps only, which you would like to find buyers for by selling them on Allegro.

How to run Allegro Ads campaign? We will take care of it!

As an Allegro Ads Partner Plus, we won’t let you handle the campaign on this marketplace alone. Why not? Because you will spend too much and the results will not satisfy you. When offering your assortment to a narrow niche of recipients, it is worth paying attention to keywords and phrases – the right ones and those for which your advertisement should not appear.

Marketplace sales – keywords in Allegro Ads campaign

Conducting sales on Allegro in combination with Allegro Ads, banner campaign is worth working out manually, which we do meticulously. If you have standing lamps in your offer, we will take into consideration in keywords, e.g. the material the leg is made of, or the type of lampshade, or what type of light it is, or a diode, as well as how much energy it consumes or where it can be placed.

On the other hand, we will make sure that your ad is not displayed to buyers who are looking for, for example, lamps for the garage, or those that have different parameters than the lighting in your assortment.

We can also include related phrases in both desirable keywords and exclusionary ones.

Working with us, handling your Allegro account gives you many benefits when you support it with a banner campaign. Among others:

  • People clicking on the ad, already want to buy a lamp from your offer.
  • You promote your brand on Allegro, associating buyers with your offer of standing lamps.
  • You can get a lot of good feedback from those who place an order.
  • As a result, you get the Super Seller title easier and faster.
  • You are a leader in the standing lamp industry on Allegro.
  • You develop on Allegro (e.g. by investing in recognition on foreign markets).

This is just a sample of how we approach your business on Allegro. We are Allegro Ads Partner+ when it comes to comprehensive handling of your Allegro account. We will do our best – we will fulfill your business goals related to selling on Allegro!

Allegro Ads banner campaign – you advertise seasonally attractive products

Allegro is the perfect auction site for you because you offer products on it seasonally. Or would you be more interested in increasing sales of those goods that are popular only at certain times of the year?

Let’s imagine that a perfect example of a product that is bought seasonally is travel suitcases. They are usually popular in the summer and winter when the vacation seasons fall, which is the perfect time to get away for a bit of a breather. Of course, if you offer travel suitcases for business, then the situation is a little different. But let’s assume that you offer mainly those for tourists.

What can we do for you as Allegro Ads Partner Plus? As an experienced company providing services related to the promotion on Allegro? If we choose a banner campaign for you (or you choose it), we will make sure that we maximize the chances of selling on Allegro on your e-commerce site, just when you can get the highest income from orders. That’s right!

How do we “work” with a banner campaign?

We will make sure that your advertisement is displayed first to people interested in such suitcases. This way, we will not only maximize the sales of these suitcases, but also “squeeze” as much as possible from your Allegro banner campaign – as far as your investment is concerned.

We will also analyze what phrases are typed by buyers on Allegro, we will find out when they order most often – not only in the spring-summer and winter periods, but also including a specific time. This way you will know that your ad is being viewed by people who are just going to “take a peek” at what you have in your offer, focused on buying.

We will pay attention to your suitcase descriptions to include relevant keywords, which we will also include in the Allegro Ads graphic campaign. We will also refine the descriptions themselves so that the photos are of high quality and the content contains all the information that buyers need. We will emphasize the information that is important for you as a seller, so that buyers feel they have to have the item you are selling.

Complex service of an Allegro account is our daily bread. Contact us and we will take care of everything, and you can look forward to a rapid increase in the sale of suitcases, which “go off” only within a specified period. What else can you count on?

  • The suitcases will not remain in stock.
  • Selling suitcases at a good price (you don’t have to hold year-end sales for them to find buyers).
  • Buyers will order exactly the suitcases they are happy with.
  • Your offer will “outbid” the competition.

Suitcases that don’t sell in the off-season will “join” your best sellers.

Allegro Ads banner campaign – you want to promote your brand

Do you sell on Allegro and run successfully your e-commerce outside this marketplace? Or maybe you think it would be a good idea to permanently stand out among your competition on Allegro? Banner advertising can help you promote your store on this auction site to increase brand awareness among consumers.

Various possibilities of promotion via Allegro Ads – we will choose the best one for you!

One of the most difficult industries (if you can gradate), is to make yourself known to shoppers who order groceries on Allegro. Some will buy pasta, others will reach for fresh vegetables and fruits. Promotion in this case can be quite complicated, if you wanted to stand out, selling on Allegro marketplace, considering your offer. Not that it is impossible – we are Allegro Ads Partner Plus – there are no impossible things for us! However, you probably care about time, and we would like the ad to run gradually – as soon as we implement it.

Besides, implementing a campaign for all the products in your offer, if you offer food products, would be quite an expensive undertaking. On the other hand, by choosing a promotion that focuses on your brand in this case, you can achieve many measurable benefits – not only when the Allegro banner Ads campaign is active.

Allegro Ads campaign through our eyes

How would we see it? Graphic advertising allows you to draw the consumer’s attention to your products, as well as your store name and logo. On top of that, it’s a dynamic ad because it can display between two and four food items or categories from your listing. Up to four will be seen by Allegro users when they type a specific phrase into the search bar, and two when they go below the “About seller” information found on your Allegro store page.

We will focus on analyzing your offer to find out what customers buy most often. We can create your flagship products, with which consumers may already associate your e-commerce on Allegro. We can also take into account the goods that are delivered the fastest or those that are at a good price, or draw attention to the healthy food available in your store.

We will also take into account your competitors, what they have in their offer and what they do not, what they can buy from you. Or we will find other aspects that speak in your favor in such a comparison. We will take them into account when running Allegro Ads campaigns – with our help, online sales management will become much more effective and satisfactory.

We will also see what buyers who are interested in the food products you have in your offer type in. It will then be easier to choose keywords, typing specific items that you sell. We will be able to reach customers who buy a lot of groceries and who come back regularly for certain items.

What will you get out of a banner promotion by operating an Allegro account? All the advantages!

How does this relate to your business goals beyond promoting your store on Allegro? What would you say to:

  • a significant increase in sales of your products,
  • regular promotion on Allegro, which will attract customers of your competitors,
  • selling items well before their expiry date,
  • good feedback from buyers about your store and service,
  • Super Seller position,
  • expanding your offer with new products,
  • quick realization of orders.
Allegro Ads banner campaign – you advertise bestsellers

Selling on Allegro lets you know which of your products are bestsellers? We know from experience that it pays to manage online sales by drawing the attention of Allegro shoppers to products that are “in demand” in your store.

For example, let’s imagine that your bestsellers include toothbrushes, specifically electric ones that are virtually maintenance-free. Other products you offer hypothetically include irrigators and toothpaste, among others. Your customers who reach for one of these toothbrushes may also opt for one of these additional items that fit into oral hygiene.

Jak kampania Allegro Ads zapracuje na Twój sukces?

What will you gain if you “bet” on Allegro’s banner Ads campaign? First of all, there will be even more interest in toothbrushes, which are already bestsellers. You will sell a lot more of them than before, which may result in a number of positive reviews that will help you further in your development on Allegro as a seller. Another positive aspect of this situation is the possibility of becoming a leader among companies on this marketplace that offer electric toothbrushes, or toothbrushes in general.

Your offer will enjoy more success. Allegro users, to save their time, use the advanced product search option “Search many”. This way, in addition to toothbrushes, they may also like to buy toothpaste that you have in your offer. This is all the more likely if they are taking advantage of free delivery under the Allegro Smart program! The purchase cannot be lower than the required amount so they will not pay a single zloty for delivery.

They may also remember that in addition to the toothbrush, they were planning to buy an irrigator. They will be reminded of that by a banner ad which will be displayed under the “About seller” section. Two products from your offer will be displayed here, so there is a good chance that some will still place an order for the mentioned goods if they actually wanted to “add” them to their shopping cart.

Banner advertising – what do you gain with our help?

Ultimately, you may find that driving sales on Allegro with Ads allows you to, among other things:

  • increasing sales of all products in your offer,
  • association of “your” electric toothbrushes with the name of your store,
  • greater reputation on Allegro (Super Seller),
  • reaching a larger number of interested parties with your offer,
  • increased conversions (e.g. clicks on your banner, which translate into sales).

As an Allegro Ads Partner Plus, we offer you comprehensive support. We will make sure that the banner advertising you invest in will be a “bull’s eye”. With us, you will not regret the money invested either in an Allegro Ads campaign or in cooperation with us.

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