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ou started selling on Shopee, a platform similar to AliExpress, and… don’t know what to do next? Selling on Shopee can bring a lot of benefits if you make your offer stand out from the competition. With Comart’s help, your e-business will gain momentum, and selling on Shopee marketplace will give you a sense of stability and comfort. We are experts in marketplace promotion – on Shopee as well. We will provide you with a professional and effective marketing strategy so that making sales on Shopee will open wickets for your growth.
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With Comart you gain from the very beginning!

We will give you valuable advice on how to promote yourself and when to suggest your products to customers at a better price offer. If you value your time, as we do, we could immediately address the issue of promoting your store. We have Shopee account maintenance “in our little finger” and are perfectly familiar with the environment of this marketplace platform. With us you can only gain, among other things:

  • more time to develop your business on Shopee,
  • higher income from sales,
  • wider recognition of your e-commerce,
  • an increasing number of returning and new customers,
  • a better outlook for the future,
  • a good position against competitors from home and abroad.
The more good reviews on Shopee, the more people buy!

We know from experience that the Shopee marketplace still does not inspire as much trust in Europe as Amazon, for example. Therefore, customers pay attention to the reviewed e-commerce shops on this marketplace. Believe us: the more positive reviews you have, the more people will place an order specifically with your shop on Shopee. The reviews can be about the products themselves, delivery times or customer service. The number of internet users who have already bought from you is also visible. And you know what, we can extract the potential from all these statistics to work in your favor! How? We mostly focus on attracting shoppers to you on Shopee. Our promotional activities are designed to present to those interested in selling on Shopee what you have the best to offer. Of
course, we also take your suggestions into account: what you would offer in a given period of time “on a good day”. We can focus on Shopee Bargains of the Day or My Shopee Bargains of the Day. The first campaign is approved by the marketplace and the second you customize individually and launch
when you want. This is the fastest way to launch a campaign on Shopee and the most promising.

You draw attention to a product that is, for example, a bestseller with you, lower its price and customers, they will be happy to look around your shop and order either something else or something completely different. A bestseller acts as a magnet because it is not only the most popular item you buy from you, but also the one with the most reviews. As we already mentioned, the more good reviews on Shopee, the more people buy. With us, it’s even easier! We know when to launch your campaign – not just on what day, but in what timeframe, so that you get a return on every penny

Fighting for customer attention right from the homepage on

You’ll now say that ok, everything’s cool, it’s just that I don’t yet have a bestseller in my shop on Shopee because e-commerce has only just been established. We answer: you can still count on feedback and orders. All you have to do is… start promoting with us already from the homepage on Shopee, that is, before an internet user even selects your shop on the Shopee marketplace. We’ll take care of it, keeping in mind the deadlines when Shopee campaigns are running. With your help and based on our experience, analysis and intuition, we will select the products that will break through the maze of other shop offers on this marketplace. Let’s say you sell fences – elegant images and a clear, catchy description will appear both above the product range and in the category section. We will take care of all the paperwork: discounts, the number of fence spans that can be stored, and how many such products can be ordered by a single customer. With us, you can be sure that when you take part in a Shopee campaign, you will go through the process of verifying your offer in a singing manner. What’s more, we will take care of every detail so that your fence is visible in a way that is attractive to the viewer. I.e. so that the buyer takes notice of it and goes to your shop page on Shopee to find out more and, ideally, place an order straight away.

Compatriots probably buy from their own on Shopee!

On Shopee, it is worth getting a stamp that you are a seller from Poland. Especially if you have the largest number of domestic buyers among your customers. We know from our own analyses and experience that Poles are eager to buy from Polish companies online. The PL stamp will certainly help you to gain new customers looking not only for products from your country, but also for those offered in a trusted shop on Shopee.
Why do compatriots buy from Poles? There are at least several reasons:
• known regulations for deliveries, Shopee sales and complaints,
• a good price for a good product,
• short delivery times within the country,
• professional customer approach,
• a reliable, solvent company with a stable financial position.
This is what the average Polish shopper thinks when he or she wants to buy from a Polish shop using the sales on Shopee. You do not have to be ashamed of being from Poland on Shopee – know that foreign buyers also generally have a good opinion of goods from the Vistula. Symbol PL will help you “grow” on Shopee. By selling on Shopee with the PL designation, you will quickly transform yourself from a young and small entrepreneur to a medium-sized one!

With Comart’s help you have it at your fingertips!

Build your regular clientele with a welcome package – we’ll
help you erect an (inverted) pyramid!

You never know which customer will turn out to be so generous as to mention your sale on Shopee to their relatives and friends. Maybe it will be that new customer who asks you a series of questions about the fence. When you offer him or her a welcome package with an attractive discount, he or she will certainly not soon forget the Shopee marketplace – the shop where he or she bought really inexpensively. Often, such a package with a discount makes the potential interested party stop hesitating and become your customer by placing an order. There are some products that are not bought on a regular basis. It is because of these that internet users search the offers. By choosing a marketplace sale, they want to pay less, not raid stationary shops and get exactly what they paid for. By opting for our marketing support, you will be the one to whom buyers will come who already have their money ready for the products on offer!

Inverted pyramid mechanism: every new customer counts!

Why an inverted pyramid? If you meet the expectations of that one new customer, let’s say the first one ever, he will be satisfied. A satisfied customer thinks positively about your shop – every time they visit Shopee and every time they look at and use a product they buy from you. So you may find that this one customer will build your sales by leaving numerous reviews within days or so of placing an order. Remember, buyers pay attention to reviews – including the timing of them. So if someone has recently put in so many good words for your sale on Shopee, why not take advantage? Simple and logical, right? This can be the case when the inverted pyramid mechanism works.

The mechanism of the traditional pyramid: from the multitude of buyers, the very essence of regular customers remains!

It may also be that the welcome package will be used by many new customers and only some of them will buy from you on a regular or periodic basis. In this case, you will succeed in building sales based on the traditional pyramid mechanism. At first there is a lot of traffic, single orders, and over time, there are further shipments from the same internet users who have been convinced by your offer. From our own experience, we can tell you that nothing gives you such a feeling of comfort as the certainty that, say, in a month’s time, the customer will order your product again. As if they don’t buy from you, operating an account on Shopee is basic knowledge. It helps you know what kind of welcome package to offer new visitors so that they take advantage of it. We are experts in this field. Preparing a promotional campaign for new customers on the Shopee marketplace takes us a minimum of time and gives you maximum benefit!

Shopee from Baselinker – professionalism appreciated!

On the Shopee marketplace, it’s not just the low prices that count, but also the quality of service and the reliability of the sales on Shopee. We encourage you to integrate BaseLinker with Shopee – for such a sales strategy you will gain satisfied customers who will leave a good review. As we wrote above, Shopee does not yet enjoy as much trust in Europe as the more recognisable marketplaces with Amazon and AliExpress at the forefront. By relying on Baselinker’s service, you give your customers the confidence that the goods will get to them as soon as possible. Whenever the status of an order changes, the ordering party is informed by email. By using our support, you don’t have to spend a fortune and waste time learning how this whole BaseLinker thing works and how to use it in your sales on Shopee. We’ll take care of everything ourselves and offer you attractively priced BaseLinker training, which we’ll also tailor to your schedule and budget. You won’t cost any money to gain such useful knowledge. What’s more, we will ensure that BaseLinker training does not put too much strain on your company budget. With us, you can use multiple payment methods and choose when you want to pay for the entire package.

Selling on Shopee with Comart is e-commerce with a future!

Promotion on Shopee works just as well as on other marketplaces. However, different forms of promotion work here than on the sales platforms that compatriots are most familiar with. You can still achieve similar financial results with them and much more, including:

  • expand markets for Shopee,
  • build a network of bestsellers in its range,
  • take care to obtain feedback from buyers,
  • compete with larger, more established services,
  • gradually improve the quality of the services provided (e.g. through the implementation of BaseLinker),
  • save on staff by automating sales on Shopee,
  • take multiple orders and have no problems with organisation and logistics.

Turn your ordinary e-commerce on Shopee into a super-smart sales network where every retailer has sales-financial-marketing potential.


With Comart, your business becomes successful and forges ahead. Call us!

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