Advertising agency – Allegro, Ebay, Amazon and more!

Sales growth, business development, building a solid position among competitors, searching for new marketplaces for your products – no matter what motivates you to act – our advertising agency Comart is the solution you are looking for. Professional support for your business, including Allegro service, eBay service, Amazon service or other leading sales space in our performance is your success.


Intelligent sale support in online sales!!

As an Allegro advertising agency, we offer a range of support options including:

  • Allegro accounts support
  • Allegro auction service
  • Allegro Sales Management
  • Support in developing e-commerce business, including support for other platforms ( eBay service, Amazon service etc).

With an advertising agency, Allegro becomes a space for effective sales and business development. Offering numerous services and constantly expanding our offer, we help you acquire new customers and increase your sales.

Allegro service is a problem for you? Not with us!

If you have problems with Allegro, want to expand your business on other sites and are looking for help with eBay or Amazon – at Comart you will find comprehensive support. As part of our services, we also offer account audits, competition reviews, assistance in selecting sales tools and marketing strategies tailored to your needs. We use modern sales techniques, we always work according to the guidelines and at the same time we implement effective advertising on Allegro Ads.


Support for Allegro accounts and other platforms, thanks to our help, means higher sales, effective promotion of your offers, as well as comprehensive service of Allegro auctions. The key to joint success is good business relationships, so each of our customers who depend on support in activities such as eBay service or Amazon service gained full support, tailored to individual needs.

Advertising agency – Allegro has no secrets for us!

Doświadczenie, nieustanne poszerzanie wiedzy i śledzenie trendów czyni nas ekspertami w obsłudze kont Allegro, obsłudze eBay czy obsłudze Amazon. Opracowujemy strategie tak, aby przyciągnąć uwagę Twoich klientów, a wraz z nią osiągnąć sukces sprzedaży. Elastyczne podejście pozwala nam przy tym zawsze trzymać rękę na pulsie, aby obsługa aukcji Allegro jak i na pozostałych platformach działała tylko na Twoją korzyść, osiągając możliwie najlepsze wyniki.

Why handling Allegro (and other) accounts with us is a good choice?

With a wide range of services from sales and comprehensive support of Allegro, eBay or Amazon auctions, to professional audits and implementation of effective solutions, we will take care of your affairs the best we can!


Comart is more than your Allegro, eBay or Amazon ad agency – it’s a friend of your business with whom you will spread your wings.

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