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mazon – the benefits of managing online sales on this marketplace are obvious. It is the most famous sales platform, the most profitable and the most influential and widespread in the world. Selling on Amazon is also an opportunity for growth, as no other marketplace offers such advanced functionality. Paradoxically, all this at the same time makes it impossible to do without systematic promotion. Competition is high and increasing all the time. Are the German and French marketplaces a good direction for you as a seller on Amazon Poland who is looking for attractive locations outside the country? Convince yourself that yes, especially with our help!

The German and French markets - what are their characteristics from your perspective?
Amazon Poland vs. – how different are the two marketplaces?

Comparing the Polish Amazon with the German one, one is immediately struck by the greater selection on the side. Thus, this is already reason enough to consider that the German market has potential. Especially if you consider the number of German sellers who offer the same product. A larger e-commerce audience on means a chance to buy a product at a better price, so the biggest advantage here is for buyers who want to save money.
In addition, compared to the German Amazon, the Polish counterpart looks like a fresher, which it actually is. Despite the fact that everyone in Poland has probably heard of Amazon, there are still not that many people willing to operate an Amazon account or buy from this marketplace on a regular basis. Perhaps this is due to the belief that it is expensive on Amazon, or that one will not buy what one needs. can be a good alternative for people who want to buy at an affordable price and have more choice. In addition, Amazon’s German service is adapted to the Polish customer – the interface is in the native Polish language, and the layout does not make it difficult to find and order products.
Where’s the catch? marketplace – selling on the German market is not the easiest thing to do. German buyers are demanding, and Amazon itself also sets high conditions for sellers, especially financially. In addition, selling to another country means you have to adapt your offer to the expectations of a foreign customer. To break through, you sometimes have to offer something more than the competition. So starting out in a new market can be difficult and expensive, but you can always rely on us. We are well acquainted with the German market, and we handle the Amazon account of sellers at various stages of their e-commerce development. – why is it worth it?

France seems quite remote, looking at its geographical location relative to Poland. Selling on makes sense if you present your listing in a language specific to the country with the Eiffel Tower. There is a lot to think about if you realize that most French people buy and sell on This service is so popular that it pushes even well-known, native brands further down the listings.
If you’re looking for more revenue, better liquidity and good growth prospects for the future, the French version of Amazon is worth considering. It can be a milestone on the way to satisfactory recognition of your brand in online sales.

German Amazon and French – what to keep in mind?

As we have already mentioned, every country is a custom, and this saying also applies to products that are available for sale on Amazon in Germany and France. When offering an assortment on these markets, you need to be sure that your goods will be compatible with the software and expectations of buyers there. Otherwise, be prepared for a series of returns and great silence, especially on German Amazon, where regular returns of goods are the order of the day.
An in-depth analysis of the market will therefore come in handy, as well as your offer and the solutions prepared for your orderers. Rely on us, because through years of extensive experience, we can review all the pros and cons and then adapt your e-commerce to the requirements of Amazon in Germany and France.

The effect of being on and Better sales results right from the start!

You’re probably thinking that such a headline is bragging on our part. You probably would if we wanted to immediately help you operate your Amazon account in these two big European markets. However, Amazon’s popularity in Germany and France gives you an outlook and allows you to make optimistic predictions for more financial turnover in your e-commerce business.
With us, you know that you don’t have to expand abroad by trial and error. We strongly discourage such an approach, because all your skirmishes cast a blemish on your e-commerce image, and the worse they see you from the beginning, the harder it is to build trust.
Remember that you only have at your disposal the solutions to increase sales that others do. For this reason, managing your online sales on Amazon from the beginning must be based on a strong, well thought-out strategy. Especially when you go out with your offer to a foreign customer who knows Amazon like the proverbial two bald horses.
Given the fact that Amazon in Poland is still in its infancy, you are probably not yet very familiar with the platform as a seller. Many solutions you haven’t yet tested and others you don’t even know are available. Amazon offers nearly 160 functionalities, so it’s impossible to know everything about them, but you don’t need to focus your attention on learning about Amazon.
That’s what you have us for – we are well versed in all technological solutions and will easily walk with you up the development level on Amazon in Germany and France. We know the current trends, we know what products are very popular, and what specifically the Germans and French are looking for in them.
With us, better sales results are a sure thing, and you’ll really notice them after only a month, once we start implementing our marketing concepts in these foreign markets, working to your advantage. We are effective, as evidenced by our clients – influential sellers today who have surfaced in the broad waters of foreign listings on Amazon’s marketplace, among others. Translated with (free version)

Cost optimization: how to spend less without cutting services and facilities on Amazon DE and FR?
How to ship goods on and

Selling on Amazon costs its own, so it makes sense to make informed spending decisions from the start. How to optimize costs on Amazon marketplace? First of all, we will focus with you on choosing the right form of logistics and order fulfillment management. Running a sale on Amazon comes down to choosing one of several options related to shipping goods.
You can handle the delivery of orders on your own (Fulfillment by Merchant), choose Amazon’s service (Fulfillment by Amazon) or look for an external delivery company with which you will establish an ongoing partnership. In our opinion, which is supported by our experience, it is worth betting on Amazon’s service, especially if you sell to foreign markets. Then managing your online sales is extremely convenient, and inexpensive. Everything is already on the Amazon marketplace side, and you can focus solely on the business itself.

AWS cloud – how does it help reduce the cost of Amazon account maintenance?

Amazon Web Services is more than a cloud, used to store data. It can be likened to a virtual space where powerful computing machines run, based on advanced algorithms. Amazon has the most technologically advanced virtual cloud and such a solution can work to your advantage.

Stability of e-commerce on Amazon on the web with AWS

With AWS, you can optimize costs while taking care of the stability of your e-commerce, which is especially useful when implementing extensive marketing campaigns. That’s when the interest in your offer is usually higher and can be so high that it surpasses your wildest imagination. It’s better to be well-prepared, because if your store crashes during a promotion, a campaign that could have broken the bank would have ended in a humiliating defeat.
If you sell a lot of products on Amazon, and when we say a lot, we mean at least more than a few thousand, it’s worth having a place where you can comfortably and securely store all the data associated with them. That’s where AWS, specifically Amazon Simple Storage Service, comes to the rescue. This solution also gives you a sense of stability, as well as independence from local power or Internet providers. You don’t have to worry about financial losses if your store loses potential customers when it is unavailable to them.
Along with the large number of products in the Amazon marketplace, you also have to feature them with a sizable photo gallery. Graphics, on the other hand, put a heavy load on servers, so a shorter load time for your e-commerce may be a good option. A lightweight e-commerce site is also more likely to turn a potential viewer into an actual customer who will order a product from you on their first visit. That’s because a fast-loading site doesn’t knock him out of the mindset that he wants to buy the product. On the other hand, any downtime distracts and makes the customer sort of lose interest in the purchase.

Increase coverage through a reliable mobile app on AWS

If you know that more and more online consumers are buying via mobile devices, the AWS cloud will come in handy to create the perfect environment for your application. With this option, you can easily correlate databases with your software so that it is fully secure and stable when used on any device that has access to the network.

Using Pay-As-You-Go on AWS

You pay for access to the cloud on a Pay-As-You-Go basis, meaning you only incur costs for the facilities associated with it when you actually use them. That is, AWS allows you to optimize your costs for managing sales on Amazon, and in addition you can optimize your expenses for using the AWS cloud.

Cost optimization on Amazon – choosing the right sales plan

When you sell less than 40 products per month, then you can choose an individual sales plan. If above this number, a professional sales plan is advisable. We will definitely encourage you to offer more goods, because with a professional sales plan, you can promote yourself on Amazon.
Of course, the difference between these two plans in terms of money is colossal, but also how much more opportunity do you have when sales are maintained at 40 products per month. To reach such a level, sometimes you only need one customer, such as a company that will regularly order from you, for example, 40 kg of flour if you sell it in 1-kilogram packages.

Costs on Amazon – either you go (with us) or you stop counting

Amazon is a brand that knows its value, which is best demonstrated by the commissions and other costs associated with managing online sales on this marketplace. So we encourage you to be prudent, which suggests that it would be better to go through development on Amazon with a good guide who knows how to achieve your goal faster, spending less and gaining a good reputation. We are good at driving sales on Amazon marketplace.
Every zloty you spend on e-commerce on the German and French marketplace will help you build your brand with confidence and foresight. We will also make sure that your startup does not turn out to be the end of your sales on Amazon at the same time. We will help you estimate costs and choose such solutions that will give you satisfactory results with the least possible expenses.

Promotions on Amazon DE and FR - our proven ways
SEO marketing is a must

If you want to stand out on Amazon in the German and French markets, we suggest SEO marketing as a basis. It works whenever you add another description, and makes it much easier to manage online sales when you organize promotional campaigns on Amazon. Choosing the right keywords gives you the confidence that a consumer using a search engine will find your product when they type in one of the keywords you’ve included in your key words.

Credible brand with FBA and Amazon Brand Registry
Amazon Prime is all about the benefits

FBA on Amazon offers many tangible benefits. By joining Fulfillment By Amazon, you simultaneously join the ranks of noble sellers using the Amazon Prime program. For customers, Amazon Prime provides nothing but good solutions, and that it is the most well-known loyalty program among marketplaces.
It’s worth having the Amazon Prime stamp in your store. It’s safe to say that you gain manifold with it: Amazon takes the burden of managing logistics, warehouses and returns, your customers have their shipments delivered for free, and you are a transparent seller who, in case of some logistical difficulties, is clean as a whistle.

Amazon Brand Registry – more than credibility

Amazon Brand Registry, on the other hand, lets you know that when a customer buys from you, they know that your business is credible. Comparing this service to Instagram, you could say that you get a stamp of authentication this way. By taking care of your interests, as a brand that should remain the only one with such a logo and offer to your customers, you are also taking care of your image. Your recipients, in turn, have no doubt that they are buying the product from the store they wanted.

Buy Box – the fight for a place in the front row

When you go to Amazon’s site as a buyer and search for a specific product, a list of suggested, attractive sale offers is displayed on the right. This is the Buy Box, and by having a presence here on the web, you promote your e-commerce in a number of ways.
First of all, you are visible to those consumers who want to buy something within minutes. Secondly, your brand becomes memorable, and with it the range of products you offer. Thirdly, your offer appears as extremely attractive, since out of so many stores in the German and French markets, this is the one that made it into the Buy Box. Fourth, you have a guaranteed increase in sales results, and not only among those people who take advantage of the offer by clicking on the product visible on the right.
The Buy Box also makes it possible for your offer to attract those people who would like to take a closer look at your offer. Believe us, credibility is at a premium these days, and since Amazon promotes you in the Buy Box, it saves customers the time of sifting through the offers themselves in search of the best one. It just works, and with us, it’s a sure thing. We know what to do to make your offer attractive enough to be in the Buy Box.

FAQ – promotion and customer service in one

Customers from Germany and France want to know as much as possible about a product before they order it. So adding a question and answer section works to your advantage. Not only is it a way to better promote yourself, allowing you to stand out from the competition, but it’s also quick customer service that you pay nothing for.
The more answers you get to questions that could potentially fall by the wayside, the better for you. You’ll receive fewer inquiries in German and French related to your offerings, and if you don’t speak those languages fluently, it’s worth taking care of the substantive side before a question is asked. Customers can’t always ask syntactic questions, so sometimes it’s hard to understand them. You know this if you are already selling on Polish Amazon.
In addition, recipients see you as a seller who doesn’t just stick a brand name to the products he imports from all over the world. In their eyes, you look like a knowledgeable businessman who knows what he’s selling and can accurately represent what the purpose of the goods he has on offer is.
In addition, you can also weave SEO marketing into your FAQ section and thus further direct potential buyers to your offer. You won’t always manage to be in the Buy Box, as competition is enormous, but if your listing appears virtually every time an Amazon user types in a search term, your results in sales on Amazon will improve significantly anyway.

Product reviews encourage purchase

Getting reviews of your goods on and is not that easy. Their way of doing things is different than in Poland. On the other hand, giving product reviews is sometimes as natural for them as ordering. So it’s worth emphasizing that your products get a high recommendation rate, as this may determine that a buyer on Amazon will order from you. Especially when she will be comparing several offers, such an aspect is bound to make a difference.

Sponsored Listings and Headline Search Ads

Z naszą pomocą możesz regularnie organizować kampanie reklamowe na Amazon, korzystając z Amazon Advertising, czyli ofert sponsorowanych, a także z reklamy w nagłówku Hedaline Search Ads. Działają tak samo, jak na polskiej wersji Amazon marketplace.

Jesteś bardziej widoczny, a my postaramy się, że odbiorca dostrzegł Cię w momencie, kiedy naprawdę zależy mu na zakupie produktu, który pojawia się na reklamie graficznej. Dopracujemy całą strategię, przeanalizujemy Twoją ofertę, uwzględnimy trendy na Amazonie, również w kontekście okresu w ciągu roku. Jednym słowem wyciśniemy z płatnej reklamy na Amazon ile się tylko da, byś naprawdę poczuł jako sprzedawca, że to dobrze zainwestowane środki, a nie sposób na pozbycie się paru euro, które Ci zostało. 

Efficient sales means many satisfied customers

In addition to the facilities that Amazon itself provides, we also offer Baselinker support. Integrating Baselinker with Amazon DE and FR is not only possible, but does not take much time – especially with our help. We organize regular Baselinker training courses, so we know practically everything about this system. It is quite advanced and can sometimes overwhelm a novice user, but with our help you will get used to it very quickly. Using Baselinker, you can limit the use of paid facilities that Amazon offers. Besides, you have full control over the entire sales funnel, since you know how Baselinker is configured.

Promotions on Amazon outside of Amazon – that’s how we’ll support you too!

Most people use the search engine on Amazon when looking for certain products. However, the magic of the most powerful search engine, Google, still works. Then there’s the extremely popular and influential social media. If you’re on Facebook, know that running Facebook Ads campaigns is also in our little finger, and running social media is one of our flagship activities to which we devote our time and energy. However, it’s one thing to have a profile in your native language, and quite another to run it in German for an audience from across the western border, or in French for a typical Frenchman.
We know that it is worthwhile to sometimes combine sales on Amazon with activity on social media, where products have their own personality. They are not just a still life that can’t say anything about themselves, as it sometimes looks like on the marketplace. Moreover, it is from social media that you can get a lot of natural comments where buyers appreciate the quality of your goods.

YouTube channel – testing products in real life conditions

YouTube – today one enters this streaming service almost as often as on typical social media. How, when selling on Amazon, can you promote your offerings on YouTube? We suggest setting up a channel under your store’s name, where you should introduce your products, showing how you use them and what you can do with them.
Such presentations are very popular, and at the same time you go out to people with your offer, instead of being one of the anonymous sellers who looks one-dimensional. Under each such video you can add a link where the product can be purchased. Many people who watch it will want to order your product at that very moment, without checking any other offers.

With us, you are assured of continued growth on Amazon

By choosing our agency, you have excellent growth prospects for the future on Amazon marketplace. You’re really in good hands, because we serve our clients selling on Amazon in all the marketplaces they can, which includes Italian, Spanish, American, and UK, among others.
When you work with Comart, you get real results, so the costs you incur for servicing your Amazon account and promoting your sales on this marketplace never scare you and are not too much of a financial burden. In no time at all, we’ll present you with a growth strategy that we can commit to as soon as it’s important to you.


Get in touch with us! – a good development direction for Polish business? With our help you step on the DE market consciously!

E seems like a natural continuation if you offer your products on However, the DE market is very different from your home market, not only in terms of selling on eBay. Handling an eBay account on the German market cannot happen if you are not familiar with the laws and regulations, including those related to accounting or running a business. It’s good if you also know the behavior of Germans themselves as consumers and offering to sell on eBay. It’s best to calculate everything first, so that you know whether it’s really a viable solution for you at this point to look for buyers on We, as an experienced agency guiding sellers by the hand through eBay’s meanderings, know how to start offering to sell your products on the German marketplace.

German consumers – how are they different from Polish consumers?

You must know that is extremely popular in Germany and, consequently, buyers know this sales platform almost inside out. They are well aware of their rights and have not the slightest resistance to use them whenever they feel like it. It may come as a surprise that there is as much as a month for a refund in Germany, when in Poland there are only 14 days. For this reason, you need to adapt your accounting to German conditions rather than Polish ones if you sell both on Polish eBay and the one next door.

Preferred short delivery time on

Operating an eBay account with a de extension also comes with conditions that you must meet if you want to be seen as a reliable, trustworthy and attractive seller in terms of price and service. Germans are eager to buy from those eBay stores that guarantee delivery within 24 hours of placing an order and posting payment. To meet such demands, you have two choices: either rent a warehouse in Germany or use the fulfillment option offered by eBay.
The first option is not very convenient for you, because you then have to register your business in Germany, which entails many inconveniences. Among them is keeping your accounts in your western neighbor, as well as the need to set up a bank account in Germany. There are more such problematic solutions, but these are the most relevant, in our opinion.
The second option, eBay fulfillment, allows you to ship goods using eBay warehouses. So, in this situation, you do not need to register a business in Germany to sell on eBay with a de tip.

High frequency of returns among German buyers

Managing online sales also involves adjusting to the habits of German consumers. They are used to returning merchandise whenever they feel like it and are able to fit in between 1 and 30/31 days after they receive an order.
For this reason, we, as your business representative in the German market, advise you to already prepare your offer accordingly so that these returns are as few as possible. Any such turnaround completely breaks down the consistency of your company’s management and makes the work of many people idle, while you still get paid, even though the profits from sales are not there.
We know our ways to make your offer attractive enough to make a German buyer think twice about returning goods. One of them is the now ubiquitous eco-friendly policy of sellers. If you include in the product description that each return contributes to air pollution due to more miles driven by delivery companies, you will raise awareness of how detrimental such a practice is. This is just one possibility, but it seems quite logical and consistent, especially if you really make it clear through your offer that climate and environmental concerns matter to you. – a problematic VAT issue? With us you know how to settle!

Do you rent a warehouse in one of the German states? Your annual sales exceed €100,000 when you sell from Poland? Is your company headquartered on the German side? If you answer at least one of these questions in the affirmative, then you most often have to settle VAT in Germany. As we have already mentioned, this is not the best solution, as there are a lot of additional costs and you have to hire more employees to service your company in the western neighbor.
How can we help you? First of all, we will try to find you convenient alternatives in each of these cases. However, when you are just considering selling on German eBay, probably none of these conditions will apply to your business. The exception is if you already have a business in Germany and now just want to start selling on the country’s most popular marketplace. Then you are usually already versed in all tax laws and regulations as a full-fledged business entity.

The good things about selling on German eBay
Large number of potential new customers

We’ve scared you a bit to begin with, but you need to know that selling on eBay on the German side also has its advantages. First of all, you gain close to about 80 million potential buyers of your goods, because that’s roughly how many people Germany has, and eBay is used by the majority. This gives you the prospect of growth, but it’s best to approach marketplace selling on German eBay sensibly. We will tell you what prices to set to make such a business really profitable for you. We remember that eBay imposes costs on sellers, so after all the calculations you should come out ahead, instead of still subsidizing the business. Since we have a good understanding of what products are most popular and how much they cost more or less, setting an average price that is affordable to consumers and attractive to you will not be too much of a challenge for us.

Multidimensional offers make it easier to select a product and create descriptions

When selling on German eBay, you can take advantage of multi-dimensional listings. This is a great option if you have a large assortment of one type, such as dresses that differ in color or accessories. Just create a description for one dress and specify additional parameters to make it work for each dress separately. A German customer won’t be able to place an order until he specifies which dress he would like to order. In this way, running eBay sales can also help to significantly reduce possible returns. The customer knows exactly what he’s ordering, so there’s no way for him to return a product because he bought the wrong one.

eBay templates make it easy to handle your account and manage your online sales

Marketplace sale – whether it applies to Polish eBay or German eBay, you can always use ready-made eBay templates. With them, your listing always looks professional and you know it contains everything you need to inform every detail. Listing details, on the other hand, are the aspect that German buyers pay exceptional attention to.

Better sales handling with Baselinker

Do you want to reduce your costs as much as possible by entering the German market and dealing with an ebay account with a de extension? Then we offer you compatible software that will greatly automate the entire sales process. Namely, we encourage you to operate Baselinker, because it is an excellent way, for example, to provide professional customer service and sales department.
Integrating Baselinker with eBay is complicated for beginners, but we are experts in this field. We are so familiar with the software that we conduct regular Baselinker training courses. We believe that with our help related to the implementation of Baseliner in your e-commerce on, you will be able to appear in the minds of many satisfied buyers.

Setting up sales under German eBay – with us it’s safe, clear and comfortable!

You cannot start selling on if your listing is not adapted to a German audience in terms of language. All descriptions, regulations and information about your store should be in German. By using our support, you are assured that there will be no linguistic infelicities, typos, or other deficiencies that make your store lose credibility. We employ capable, competent and experienced translators who specialize in drafting content specific to this marketplace and the German market.

Promotion on – we know where, how and how to promote your store on the DE market!

Is it possible to promote yourself on eBay in Germany? If you put the question that way, we will correct you. Rather, you should ask how to promote yourself on German eBay. Well, there are many different forms of promotion that are accepted, and the most well-known ones include Sonderaktion and Anzeigen, which can be used from the German eBay platform.
We know almost as much about eBay promotion as the owner of eBay himself. We are an experienced marketing agency focused on helping business clients running e-commerce on the marketplace. Thus, our services are comprehensive, activities are well thought out, and the results are effective and satisfying. – where to start? With analysis!

Before you set foot on the German market with our help, we need to know that you can handle it and that you know exactly what it entails. That’s why we will spend a lot of time at the beginning analyzing your individual situation, and then estimating how much costs would be involved in starting sales and promotion on
You need to know that as specialists, we are able to turn every penny spent on promotion into gold. For this reason, we will convince you that marketing on does not have to cost a fortune at all to be effective for you. The basic issue in this case is how quickly you would like to expect satisfactory results and how high you measure.
From our experience, we can already suggest to you that it’s better to start out with more modest assumptions, but one that provides a solid foundation for the future. So, it’s better to keep your costs on ebay sales on the German side to a minimum and target those buyers who are likely to become regular customers. It sounds unbelievable, but sometimes all it takes is a few good reviews for your credibility to be greater than that of a long-standing company that builds its trust only on solvency and profitability.
To sum up, with our help is a real chance for you to continue your systematic development.


Get in touch with us now!

Allegro Ads – Grow your sales steadily, quickly and securely!


re you already selling on Allegro? Or do you just have such a plan? No matter what stage of selling on Allegro you’re at, we’ll help you realize your goals. Faster than you think! We are a certified agency that proudly displays our Allegro Partner+ title. We were one of the first companies to obtain this title. We have many successful campaigns behind us, and our clients appreciate our effectiveness so much that they spread their wings with us in foreign markets as well. There is a new service in English for sending to EU countries – we already know everything, so we will guide you by the hand through the entire process, suggesting the most favorable solutions in terms of reliability and financial savings.

Allegro Ads promotion for new sellers – take advantage of it with us!

Allegro is tempting new sellers with its Allegro Ads – graphic ads and sponsored offers. In order to get an extra 300 PLN for promotion in Allegro, you only need to spend 150 PLN on advertising. Sounds tempting, however, there is one but… As a novice seller, you are not yet familiar with how Allegro Ads and Allegro sales in general work. Also, running Allegro sales with a running promotion is limited in time – only until August 31. If you start selling later, the extra Allegro Ads funds will be lost.
What do you need to squeeze as much as you can out of that £300 for the promotion? You need a good plan, a good strategy, a good understanding of Allegro Ads campaigns, and you need our good support.
You may be completely green as a beginner seller on Allegro. You may not even know how to operate your Allegro account or how to use sponsored listings to highlight your product line. You can afford to do so when you enlist the help of our Allegro Partner+, who knows as little as anyone about promotion in this marketplace.
We guarantee you 100% effectiveness of your decisions. By paying a little extra and choosing our support, you will get back many times over every zloty spent on promotion in Allegro. Graphic advertising and sponsored listings have no secrets from us. We also know that marketplace sales on Allegro are becoming more challenging every day, due to increasing competition, among other things.
However, with our knowledge, experience and commitment to your success, even a novice can excel against the swarming competition. We know the trends on Allegro, we know which offers to click on and how to take care of your store’s appearance so that the sales funnel ends with a paid order.

Do regular customers on Allegro even exist? You can have them!

Managing online sales has never offered such broad and promising prospects as with Allegro’s Ads campaigns. Despite the fact that on a marketplace like Allegro people are looking for the best deals in terms of money, more and more buyers have their favorite e-commerce on this platform. This is mainly due to their familiarity with the order processing procedure, the way the products are packaged, and also because of the high quality of service, in case anyone has any doubts.
By adding Allegro Ads promotion, you can hit fertile ground with your offer. To an audience that will want the best purchase offer for them at a convenient price and in a satisfactory timeframe. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to skillfully configure your Allegro Ads campaigns to bring multitudes of benefits.

Better sales handling with Baselinker

Stali klienci, jak i nowi odbiorcy cenią sobie prosty schemat składania zamówienia. Sugerujemy więc integrację Baselinker z Allegro, co pozwoli Ci również szybko reagować na pytania zamawiających. Ponadto obsługa Baselinkerumożliwia wysyłanie powiadomień do kupujących, na jakim etapie jest realizacja zamówienia. Jeśli ten program jest dla Ciebie nieznany pod względem użytkowania, zdaj się na nasze wsparcie. Prowadzimy szkolenia Baselinker, więc możemy także pomóc Tobie poznać to oprogramowanie jak najlepiej i jak najszybciej.

Selling on Allegro versus selling on an independent e-commerce site – image consistency without secrets!

In our opinion, selling on Allegro is not too different from selling on an independent e-commerce site, where your company’s name is included in the domain name. So it’s worth making sure that your customer remembers your brand and associates your products with it. We’ll give you a hint on how to strive for image consistency while still taking care of the environment. Some companies, for example, go a little overboard in this regard, putting stamps on eggs, or printing sticky tape with the company’s name, or marking the cartons in which products are packaged with their logo and contact information.
It’s important to know that brand consistency really only covers those areas that are actually related to the product line. However, it does not include the outer packaging, only the one the product comes in, such as a pen or dishwashing liquid. The carton should remain clean so that it can be reused again and again, as should the adhesive tape. Marking food products with the name of the company, the aforementioned eggs makes the shells unusable, where the print appeared.
So rest assured that even if running Allegro sales is your first exposure to business, we won’t let your ship sink. The first year of running a business is the hardest, so the sooner you trust an experienced marketing company, Allegro Partner+, the better.
Trust our experience, which we can document with many Allegro Ads campaigns that have made our clients successful. We will help you get the title of Super Seller as soon as possible and, once you are established, enter the foreign market and open to 24 EU countries.


Take advantage of our services, Allegro Partner+ and count your success on a regular basis!

Advertising agency – Allegro, Ebay, Amazon and more!

Sales growth, business development, building a solid position among competitors, searching for new marketplaces for your products – no matter what motivates you to act – our advertising agency Comart is the solution you are looking for. Professional support for your business, including Allegro service, eBay service, Amazon service or other leading sales space in our performance is your success.


Intelligent sale support in online sales!!

As an Allegro advertising agency, we offer a range of support options including:

  • Allegro accounts support
  • Allegro auction service
  • Allegro Sales Management
  • Support in developing e-commerce business, including support for other platforms ( eBay service, Amazon service etc).

With an advertising agency, Allegro becomes a space for effective sales and business development. Offering numerous services and constantly expanding our offer, we help you acquire new customers and increase your sales.

Allegro service is a problem for you? Not with us!

If you have problems with Allegro, want to expand your business on other sites and are looking for help with eBay or Amazon – at Comart you will find comprehensive support. As part of our services, we also offer account audits, competition reviews, assistance in selecting sales tools and marketing strategies tailored to your needs. We use modern sales techniques, we always work according to the guidelines and at the same time we implement effective advertising on Allegro Ads.


Support for Allegro accounts and other platforms, thanks to our help, means higher sales, effective promotion of your offers, as well as comprehensive service of Allegro auctions. The key to joint success is good business relationships, so each of our customers who depend on support in activities such as eBay service or Amazon service gained full support, tailored to individual needs.

Advertising agency – Allegro has no secrets for us!

Doświadczenie, nieustanne poszerzanie wiedzy i śledzenie trendów czyni nas ekspertami w obsłudze kont Allegro, obsłudze eBay czy obsłudze Amazon. Opracowujemy strategie tak, aby przyciągnąć uwagę Twoich klientów, a wraz z nią osiągnąć sukces sprzedaży. Elastyczne podejście pozwala nam przy tym zawsze trzymać rękę na pulsie, aby obsługa aukcji Allegro jak i na pozostałych platformach działała tylko na Twoją korzyść, osiągając możliwie najlepsze wyniki.

Why handling Allegro (and other) accounts with us is a good choice?

With a wide range of services from sales and comprehensive support of Allegro, eBay or Amazon auctions, to professional audits and implementation of effective solutions, we will take care of your affairs the best we can!


Comart is more than your Allegro, eBay or Amazon ad agency – it’s a friend of your business with whom you will spread your wings.

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