Ebay.de – a good development direction for Polish business? With our help you step on the DE market consciously!


bay.de seems like a natural continuation if you offer your products on eBay.co.uk. However, the DE market is very different from your home market, not only in terms of selling on eBay. Handling an eBay account on the German market cannot happen if you are not familiar with the laws and regulations, including those related to accounting or running a business. It’s good if you also know the behavior of Germans themselves as consumers and offering to sell on eBay. It’s best to calculate everything first, so that you know whether it’s really a viable solution for you at this point to look for buyers on eBay.de. We, as an experienced agency guiding sellers by the hand through eBay’s meanderings, know how to start offering to sell your products on the German marketplace.

German consumers – how are they different from Polish consumers?

You must know that eBay.de is extremely popular in Germany and, consequently, buyers know this sales platform almost inside out. They are well aware of their rights and have not the slightest resistance to use them whenever they feel like it. It may come as a surprise that there is as much as a month for a refund in Germany, when in Poland there are only 14 days. For this reason, you need to adapt your accounting to German conditions rather than Polish ones if you sell both on Polish eBay and the one next door.

Preferred short delivery time on eBay.de

Operating an eBay account with a de extension also comes with conditions that you must meet if you want to be seen as a reliable, trustworthy and attractive seller in terms of price and service. Germans are eager to buy from those eBay stores that guarantee delivery within 24 hours of placing an order and posting payment. To meet such demands, you have two choices: either rent a warehouse in Germany or use the fulfillment option offered by eBay.
The first option is not very convenient for you, because you then have to register your business in Germany, which entails many inconveniences. Among them is keeping your accounts in your western neighbor, as well as the need to set up a bank account in Germany. There are more such problematic solutions, but these are the most relevant, in our opinion.
The second option, eBay fulfillment, allows you to ship goods using eBay warehouses. So, in this situation, you do not need to register a business in Germany to sell on eBay with a de tip.

High frequency of returns among German buyers

Managing eBay.de-related online sales also involves adjusting to the habits of German consumers. They are used to returning merchandise whenever they feel like it and are able to fit in between 1 and 30/31 days after they receive an order.
For this reason, we, as your business representative in the German market, advise you to already prepare your offer accordingly so that these returns are as few as possible. Any such turnaround completely breaks down the consistency of your company’s management and makes the work of many people idle, while you still get paid, even though the profits from sales are not there.
We know our ways to make your offer attractive enough to make a German buyer think twice about returning goods. One of them is the now ubiquitous eco-friendly policy of sellers. If you include in the product description that each return contributes to air pollution due to more miles driven by delivery companies, you will raise awareness of how detrimental such a practice is. This is just one possibility, but it seems quite logical and consistent, especially if you really make it clear through your offer that climate and environmental concerns matter to you.

Ebay.de – a problematic VAT issue? With us you know how to settle!

Do you rent a warehouse in one of the German states? Your annual sales exceed €100,000 when you sell from Poland? Is your company headquartered on the German side? If you answer at least one of these questions in the affirmative, then you most often have to settle VAT in Germany. As we have already mentioned, this is not the best solution, as there are a lot of additional costs and you have to hire more employees to service your company in the western neighbor.
How can we help you? First of all, we will try to find you convenient alternatives in each of these cases. However, when you are just considering selling on German eBay, probably none of these conditions will apply to your business. The exception is if you already have a business in Germany and now just want to start selling on the country’s most popular marketplace. Then you are usually already versed in all tax laws and regulations as a full-fledged business entity.

The good things about selling on German eBay
Large number of potential new customers

We’ve scared you a bit to begin with, but you need to know that selling on eBay on the German side also has its advantages. First of all, you gain close to about 80 million potential buyers of your goods, because that’s roughly how many people Germany has, and eBay is used by the majority. This gives you the prospect of growth, but it’s best to approach marketplace selling on German eBay sensibly. We will tell you what prices to set to make such a business really profitable for you. We remember that eBay imposes costs on sellers, so after all the calculations you should come out ahead, instead of still subsidizing the business. Since we have a good understanding of what products are most popular and how much they cost more or less, setting an average price that is affordable to consumers and attractive to you will not be too much of a challenge for us.

Multidimensional offers make it easier to select a product and create descriptions

When selling on German eBay, you can take advantage of multi-dimensional listings. This is a great option if you have a large assortment of one type, such as dresses that differ in color or accessories. Just create a description for one dress and specify additional parameters to make it work for each dress separately. A German customer won’t be able to place an order until he specifies which dress he would like to order. In this way, running eBay sales can also help to significantly reduce possible returns. The customer knows exactly what he’s ordering, so there’s no way for him to return a product because he bought the wrong one.

eBay templates make it easy to handle your account and manage your online sales

Marketplace sale – whether it applies to Polish eBay or German eBay, you can always use ready-made eBay templates. With them, your listing always looks professional and you know it contains everything you need to inform every detail. Listing details, on the other hand, are the aspect that German buyers pay exceptional attention to.

Better sales handling with Baselinker

Do you want to reduce your costs as much as possible by entering the German market and dealing with an ebay account with a de extension? Then we offer you compatible software that will greatly automate the entire sales process. Namely, we encourage you to operate Baselinker, because it is an excellent way, for example, to provide professional customer service and sales department.
Integrating Baselinker with eBay is complicated for beginners, but we are experts in this field. We are so familiar with the software that we conduct regular Baselinker training courses. We believe that with our help related to the implementation of Baseliner in your e-commerce on ebay.de, you will be able to appear in the minds of many satisfied buyers.

Setting up sales under German eBay – with us it’s safe, clear and comfortable!

You cannot start selling on eBay.de if your listing is not adapted to a German audience in terms of language. All descriptions, regulations and information about your store should be in German. By using our support, you are assured that there will be no linguistic infelicities, typos, or other deficiencies that make your store lose credibility. We employ capable, competent and experienced translators who specialize in drafting content specific to this marketplace and the German market.

Promotion on eBay.de – we know where, how and how to promote your store on the DE market!

Is it possible to promote yourself on eBay in Germany? If you put the question that way, we will correct you. Rather, you should ask how to promote yourself on German eBay. Well, there are many different forms of promotion that are accepted, and the most well-known ones include Sonderaktion and Anzeigen, which can be used from the German eBay platform.
We know almost as much about eBay promotion as the owner of eBay himself. We are an experienced marketing agency focused on helping business clients running e-commerce on the marketplace. Thus, our services are comprehensive, activities are well thought out, and the results are effective and satisfying.

Ebay.de – where to start? With analysis!

Before you set foot on the German market with our help, we need to know that you can handle it and that you know exactly what it entails. That’s why we will spend a lot of time at the beginning analyzing your individual situation, and then estimating how much costs would be involved in starting sales and promotion on ebay.de.
You need to know that as specialists, we are able to turn every penny spent on promotion into gold. For this reason, we will convince you that marketing on eBay.de does not have to cost a fortune at all to be effective for you. The basic issue in this case is how quickly you would like to expect satisfactory results and how high you measure.
From our experience, we can already suggest to you that it’s better to start out with more modest assumptions, but one that provides a solid foundation for the future. So, it’s better to keep your costs on ebay sales on the German side to a minimum and target those buyers who are likely to become regular customers. It sounds unbelievable, but sometimes all it takes is a few good reviews for your credibility to be greater than that of a long-standing company that builds its trust only on solvency and profitability.
To sum up, eBay.de with our help is a real chance for you to continue your systematic development.


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