What is a Shopee?
The Shopee platform is a sales service established in Singapore in 2015, which has also appeared in our home market since 2021. Initially, it focused its activities on a mobile application, but to increase its competitiveness in the market of e-commerce platforms, it also created a computer version. Shopee operates on a combination of C2C and B2C models, with all products on the site coming from third-party sellers. The platform is similar to Amazon, Allegro or Allieexpres in offering thousands or even millions of products from sellers around the world – Shopee is currently the leader in its field in South Asia, and Poland is the first country in Europe where the brand has decided to start its expansion.
Desire to join this new sales giant? With our support Shopee will have no secrets from you! We will take care of the comprehensive development of your sales from account maintenance, advertising campaigns and promotions, listing, technical support and audits. With us, Shopee will become a platform of success for your business!
How can we support you?
Novelties can sometimes be a challenge, so when you put your Shopee account maintenance in our hands, you get the assurance that you’ll take off as expected!

We know that operating sales platforms is not easy, and involves a lot of time and effort. Therefore, we come to your rescue so that you can focus on business development instead of the little things. We’ll help you create an account, fine-tune your auctions, plan your business strategies and assist you at every stage. With our comprehensive services for your Shopee account, you’ll get full setup, the right form of audience-friendly and SEO-friendly descriptions, and technical support. Our team are professionals, passionate and invariably following trends in selling on e-commerce platforms eskeprts, so by putting your Shopee profile under our care you can only gain!

How do we help support Shopee?
As an advertising agency, we focus on what we know best, which is effective promotion, developing action strategies and presenting your offers in the most customer-friendly way possible. We help you integrate your store with the Shopee platform, take care of its maintenance and all the necessary activities for sales success. With our support, you won’t be wandering in the dark, and you will start with a bump.
Why the Shopee phenomem?
According to estimates, the Shopee platform has recorded more than 600 million transactions after less than 3 years since its launch, a truly impressive result. Year after year, this result improves and is spectacularly successful. The platform offers a lot of attractive solutions for both sellers and buyers, so that buying and selling here is gaining loyal fans all over the world. Comfort of service, welcome packages for new Shopee sellers, free delivery and many other bonuses make it hard not to be tempted.

With our support, you will use the potential hidden in Shopee to the maximum. We will help you take care of promotional campaigns, gradual increase of sales, attractive presentation of offers, but also security of transactions.

Why is Comart the best choice for Shopee service?
Our agency provides comprehensive services to help you sell on the Polish and foreign markets. If you do not know how to exist on the Shopee platform, you want to join the service and enjoy sales success, or you want to stand out from the competition and gain regular customers – with us all of these tasks become possible. We offer comprehensive support in every situation, at every stage of your activities within Shopee, as well as other sales platforms like Allegro, eBay, Amazon or Empik Marketplace.
We work for your success!
A flexible approach to your needs, wise planning of strategies – including in terms of profitability of activities, will allow us to launch your offer, advertising campaigns and achieve the objectives. We help with technical issues, provide advice and support in every aspect and at every step of the sale. With us, you will learn the ins and outs of Shopee, integrate your store with sales platforms and develop your online sales the way you dream of.

Do you have questions? Are you looking for help – you are welcome to contact us! Our experts are here to help and will be happy to dispel all your doubts.

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